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yes directly from Bose (see the receipt and even the bag is 'bose'), since it was a discounted replacement for my old (damaged) head phones they put it in a different box, I can email you a better picture of the receipt if you want to pm me your email
Got these as replacement for my very old and damaged headphones at 50% of the price   Only difference in packaging, but head phones are brand new, never used, only opened the box to take a picture   2 year Bose warranty: Retail Price GBP119.- (to my knowledge you can't get them cheaper), offering for 89 UK Shipped and surcharge to whatever it is more to where you want to ship it.  
two classics!    
trying to revive, anyone tried with the ICS Roms?
  older song newly remixed and still a classic!          
probably been posted before, nevertheless classic and a true enjoyment with audiophile headphones      
From the movie MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE   very nice lyrics as well - makes you think about that girl "long time ago"  
wouldn't mind to try something new,   currently set up sony X-1050 with the original NC Sony headphones for portable and AKG K272 in the office   haven't tried the turbines before   listening to lossless or at least 320 electronic music, hard/ punk rock, classic, hip-hop, vocal/ live music
not sure I got you right, it's a TV show as well as an consumer electronics exhibiton, I just stumbled on them on youtube as I was looking for some info on the E8, I agree the quality of the reviews/ content seems to be rather questionable, but it seem that at the exhibition last year there was the full range of Ultrasone headphones, so would presume that other brands are present as well, but to be honest haven't looked much into detail (yet)   as for open vs closed for...
curious what ppl will reply, I am currently debating Edition 8 vs AH-D7000 vsT5p (in that order) combined with an Matrix m-stage
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