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Hey Jeremy,   I placed an order and paid for a set of your V3 Denon ear pads on April 14th. I haven't heard back from you since on whether they've been shipped or not. I've sent a couple of emails directly to you, as well as a PM here on Head-Fi. Can you please shoot me a reply here, or via email at your earliest convenience?   Thanks.
Great comparison...just what I was waiting for. Thanks for taking the time, Jude!
I first dealt with Drew years ago when cabling my secondary system. Everything went smoothly and quickly as with my subsequent transactions with him. Most recently, I picked up some stock for a few DIY headphone cable projects. Again, everything was quick and trouble free...a very good retailer.
I'm having trouble getting a response from Jeremy. I placed an order and paid for a set of the V3 Denon ear pads 1 week ago today, and I haven't heard back from him since. I've sent him 2 emails, and a PM here for any sort of confirmation and status update. It's been a bit worrisome to hear nothing back after sending payment in good faith via PayPal. I'm hoping that he monitors this thread because I don't know how else to contact him. Does anyone know of a direct line to...
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I had re-cabled my 650s just because I couldn't stand the excess length of the stock cable anymore. There will never be a need for me to use a 10 ft cord with any of my setups. Whether the Blue Dragon cable out performs the stock one is debatable. I personally find it a tad more transparent. Anyway, I love these cans! They've been serving me well for a few years now, and they're still kicking strong. Having progressed from the HD 580s to the HD 600s to these cans over...
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