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  Sometimes I feel like the Classic is ever so slightly too warm, there's a dip between 4 and 8 kHz peaking at around 6kHz where I feel some 3-4 db lift would help the headphone sound more open and lively. But I guess that's what the Professional version is for.
Damn, 4000€. It better sound good, although I don't see how it could possibly be worth the price considering what you can get for that sort of money, it's not even balanced. I only heard the cheapest model, Bacilus, and it sounded pretty good, although a bit thin and sharp for my tastes, at 500€ seemed a bit overpriced considering the same money will buy you stuff from Lake Audio or Violectric, or even Lehmann Audio, which sounds better and has more power.
  They're quite similar to HD650 in their character, both quite warm headphones, almost veiled sounding with some recordings, but HD650 has better resolution and better high frequency range, it's more sparkly up top so to speak. That also makes it sound more open.
Big head-to-head review and comparison between Spirit Classic and Sennheiser HD380Pro coming up soon.
Naaah.  They're pretty ****ty headphones to be honest. I bought them as well about a year ago because they were on a huge discount, and had them for a short while before returning them. They have several deal-breaking problems. First of all, it has a typical plastic tonality of badly done closed back headphones that don't have properly dampened ear cups. When you knock on them while wearing them on the head, it has that cheap plasticky hollow sound to it.  When playing...
  I wouldn't say it's horribly overpriced, it's a bargain, and most people ignore it as an option before trying it, because of their ignorance and bias. Look, I have the original ST, and I have had several DAC's for the similar price, none of them performed as good. I had more expensive DAC/amps, such as the Nuforce HDP or NAD D1050, they didn't perform as well trough their headphone outputs, with any headphone. I've directly compared the Musical Fidelity M1DAC ($1000 in...
  Here's the bottom line: you should not be talking about the things you don't have enough experience with. 1) Sound cards aren't useless. In that case, external DAC's (exactly the same thing) are useless as well.  Razer Surround is a HORRIBLE software, nowhere near as good as anything you get with a decent 150-200 dollar soundcards. It just add a bunch of crappy EQ and effects to the sound which don't add anything to the surround sound feel. 2) Not true. I have a brand...
Used to be 400€ for the Maestral III until it got famous. :P
Agree. This topic turned into a place where a bunch of idiots come to show off their "superiority" by writting stuck up and ignorant comments about headphones they've never heard in their life. Because we all know that saying "beats suck lol" instantly turns you into a engineer with 20 years of working experience in headphone development.
It looks nice, but for 109 dollars, it seems like too much of the cost goes into the chassis. This is like the opposite of something like an O2.
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