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Agree. This topic turned into a place where a bunch of idiots come to show off their "superiority" by writting stuck up and ignorant comments about headphones they've never heard in their life. Because we all know that saying "beats suck lol" instantly turns you into a engineer with 20 years of working experience in headphone development.
It looks nice, but for 109 dollars, it seems like too much of the cost goes into the chassis. This is like the opposite of something like an O2.
If you're using your headphones with a computer and don't need portability, get the Asus Xonar D1 or DX. It definitely sounds better than standalone DAC under 100 dollars.
I'm liking my Onkyo a lot now, I actually prefer it to Musical Fidelity M1Hpap, as ridiculous as that might sound. It has a more clear and bright sound, the soundstage expands a lot with proper recordings. Its almost as if it has a built in crossfeed circuit. I guess worse channel separation compared to headphone amps actually plays in favor of the sound. Bass is also wonderful on T1's, felt light at first, but now M1's bass feels almost muddy in comparison.
  The guy I got  it from said the reason for relay issues are the fact that amp was unused for almost 4 years, and should go away after some use. I don't know how much truth there is in that, but as you said, worst case scenario is I'll need to replace it, which is no big deal.
Well, I picked up my new old Onkyo A-8820, maybe not really vintage being only about 10 years old, but still, I think it's a nice find, and I think that for 60 euros, it might be the best value for money audio item I ever bought in my life. Amp is not in perfect condition visually, there are a couple of scratches on the volume knob and front panel, but nothing major and I don't really care.   The entire front panel is brushed aluminium, two biggest knobs are aluminium...
   Unamped, only D600's from the ones you mention. It's the only one made specifically to work unamped, and in my few months of owning them, I find they sound best out of an iphone. Even better than out of the Musical Fidelity M1 amp.
Nope, no opamp, its fed like its supposed to be.
  What is a "better measurement"?  What you think is better on paper is not actually always better in reality. What makes you think DT880's FR is better than T1's FR? Because it's more flat? Or because the shape of the graph looks nicer? That's not how hearing works, it's much more complex than just the simplest of all measurements you can do on a headphone. You can't say that a headphone has a pretty awful FR given it's price without hearing how it actually sounds. Often...
What do you guys think about the Onkyo A-8820 integrated amp? It's not really vintage I guess (it's only 10 years old), but I can get one in perfect shape for like 80 dollars for my T1's. I guess it's worth a try, if nothing else, it looks good, and it's designed in Germany (european model I think), made in Japan, can't be that bad. :P  
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