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I worked on something very similar to this, trying to put a driver that is usually inside open headphones into a closed back one with custom made baffle and cup, very similar to what you have here. Inherently wrong for many reasons, one of the main ones is that drivers which work specifically in very opened headphones are made to work in very open enviroments, and when you put them inside a closed cup, you cut off all the bass, that's why you're experiencing that. Not only...
  Wow that's impressive if they're on the level of high end drivers from big manufacturers.   Nhoords have 3D printed grills if I'm not mistaken, so it's hard to get a nice fillet on an edge with that. Will you maybe install the Epsilon R1 into that Audeze headphone that you put the old Ypsilons into?
  When you say best mids you've heard,you mean out of the Grado aftermarket drivers,  or including the stock Grado drivers like the ones in the PS500, PS1000, GS1000, RS's, etc.?
  Is it totally acoustically transparent?  I just realized I could probably use that  materials that's used for speaker grills. It's a bit thick, but it should be perfectly transparent and not change the sound at all.
Hey guys, I have a question not directly related to the Ypsilon driver, but the filter that should be in front of the driver. I'm talking about that totally transparent fabric that can be stretched over the front of the driver and block the holes, so that dust or hair doesn't fall in. Does any of you know where something like that can be bought in bulk?   I'm talking something like this, the black fabric inside the earpad:...
Just a question...are the new S2 and R1 drivers slightly thinner than the first version?  They're 46x8 mm right? Old was 46x9mm if I'm correct.
Oh yeaah, let us know how the R1 compares to regular ones as soon as possible. :P
Are these drivers actually any good? I mean they look similar to T1 ones, but do they sound considerably or any better than stock DT770 drivers?
  Can you compare the overall sound to any other headphones? Where would you rank under 500, 500-1000 or over 1000 dollar category?
 I presume this means they have great bass extension and punch as well, since most 90's music was dependent on that? :P
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