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  I use it with USB. I have compared USB and Coax and optical and didn't find any differences in sound betwee them. What bothers me now is that I'm noticing some slight channel imbalance in favor of the left channel that I didn't notice before, but is now definitely present if I compare the sound to some of my other amps.
    On the NAD D1050 volume knob is digital, well, at least it's one of those that turn infinitely and changes volume by 0.5dB increments. I have tried all kinds of headphones at various volume levels, from almost all the way down to full on the amp and reduced to about 20% in the software, but imbalance is always identical. When I change the balance of the output in the windows sound settings so that the left channel is at 96% and right at 100%, then it sounds balanced to...
Could it be possible that measuring the left and right channel outputs out of a headphone amp could be different when only connecting it to a microphone input than when connecting actual headphones that present some load for the amp?  Is it possible that even though trough the mic in both channel shows identical voltages, they could be sending varying voltages to the actual headphone drivers?
  Sounds fine to me as well out of a laptop, iphone and integrated amp, but slightly to the left with Nad D1050 and Musical Fidelity M1hpa.
   I hear that video with a center sound slightly to the left...but VERY slightly. If I reduce the loudness of the left channel from 100 to 96 in the microsoft sound settings (which is slightly more than 1 dB of change, then it sounds centered.  This is basically my issue, the fact that imbalance is so slight that I never know whether it's on the actual recording or it's the gear.
  Hi, thanks for the offer, I'll try to cut out some files later and do that. But what do you think about that video I've posted in my first post? Do you hear the center channel exactly in the middle or pulling to either side?
 I really wouldn't call the HD598 mid/low budget open headphone when its technically almost at the same level as the HD600/650 and with a good enough source and amp it can sound better than both in a lot of aspects, especially in the way it presents sound in terms of imaging and projecting the sound in front of you, something the rest of the Sennheisers (or others) can't really do until you reach the HD800 level.
Depends. I went from HD212's which were my headphones 4 years ago when I started to get into headphones. After some time I got the HD558's, and that was a good step up in quality of the sound, but I can't say I enjoyed listening to the music more. Critical listening obviously improved, but enjoyment? Nah I don't think so, and with some music the enjoyment went down.  After that I had (and sold some of them) HD650's, K701's, Q701's,  DT770's, DT880's, DT990's and T1's.  I...
   Yea but when you plug a headphone into one amp and it's perfectly fine, then plug it into another, and then there's imbalance, you can't say it's a driver impedance problem or a hearing problem. And the fact is, most headphone amps, even expensive ones have this problem.  They put all kinds of expensive components inside the amps, more importantly they load them up with useless components that do close to nothing to the actual sound in order to increase the percieved...
To me this piano sounds pretty ok, very clean, nice and spacious, and very detailed:
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