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 May I point your attention to this?Of it that isn't enough, maybe this?
 I agree, I've heard the T1's with many amps, SPL Auditor (anemic), Lehmann BCL (too bright), V200 (too warm, closed in sound), several other SS amps, and now use them with either the Asgard 2 or MF M1HPAP.  M1 costs 3 times as much, but apart from being bigger and prettier physically, has no advantage whatsoever, the only thing that does better is the fact that it has 2 inputs and two headphone outputs, plus a USB DAC. So basically it can drive two headphones at the same...
I use Jriver. I don't know, it's probably placebo because the interface is so nice and elegant and the use experience is excellent, but to me it sounds better than Foobar. I know they should sound the same, and they probably do sound the same, but I just prefer to use it because I just seem to enjoy music more trough it. Oh, and it's an all in all great multimedia program, excellent for movies, pictures, etc.
  I don't listen to much classical, but these albums in 24/96 sound absolutely amazing on my T1's, so spacious, detailed and natural.  The William Carter album sounds holographic, it's almost exactly like hearing a guitar in person on a semi-large stage.
  Every time I hear a song from Eurovision (flying spaghetti monster bless the rare exceptions) a little bit of stomach content finds it's way to my mouth. I definitely won't watch the finals, because I don't want to end up with esophageal ulcers.
  Did you try BF3?  IMHO sound quality in BF4 is a huge downgrade compared to BF3, it's actually one of the main reasons why I still play BF3 and not 4, well sound, and the fact that BF3 is just a better game, in every way.  Sound  in BF4 compared to BF3 just has no dynamics, it's nowhere near as clear and detailed, it also seems to be overly bass heavy and positioning is bad in BF4. Everything just feels compressed and mixed together. BF3 for me has the best sound of any...
 T1's come stock with an excellent cable already. I don't think you'll find a better one, probably just a more expensive one.
Does anyone know the size of the ear pads?  Inner diameter (or height) and depth are what I'm interested in.
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