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I bought a Clip+ to listen to on my way to work. Guess what? User interface works like a dream. Sound quality? Excellent. Battery Life? 12-13hrs. Charge it once a week. Size and weight? Barely noticeable. Clips to everything without an issue. Delays? None. Turns on in barely a second. No waiting 5+ minutes for it to load with the high probability of it crashing if I press play too early.   I should have given this site a wide berth to begin with and just listened to...
I'm interested. Got a pair of HD600's (chose them over HD650 and HD800 after a direct comparison) recently too. Would like to hear how the HM901 turned out.
Last time we got an update from iBasso about the API being released IIRC was when I emailed them a long email stating the communities interest in better firmware. I listed the amount of members on here who would be willing to contribute financially if it meant a better firmware was released in the long term. The result was some new information and figgie got a free DX100.   iBasso is a small company. If everyone who posts questions about when the API is being...
  I moved to the other side of the country when I was 18 and don't keep in touch with my parents so they don't have an opportunity to nag. I think I'm at the end of my "audiophile" journey now, as I've experienced enough hyped products to finally feel some balance. Before there was this never ending hunger for better sound and now I've realized that it's probably not going to get much better than this. I'm content with my TG!334's and DX100, my Paradox and LCD-2's, O2 amp...
The LCD-2's technically are but maybe because I'm young (22) I don't find the dark sound signature as lacking. It sounds quite natural bar the peakiness in the treble which will emphasize different things in the mix and slightly mask others.In terms of treble, I prefer the Paradox. In terms of bass, Audeze is still where its at for me.
  Whilst I find it pleasant and comfortable, the LCD-2's still have better bass despite their upper peakiness.
  I've never done a factory reset over 4 firmware upgrades and I'm just dandy.
+1 on the blue text. It's a mess. Always hard to read, especially when I'm outside and there's any glare on the screen. Just another thing to email iBasso about. Sometimes I wish it didn't sound so great, then I would have less of a problem switching to a RWAK100 which is smaller and has superior firmware.
  Please tell them. Everyone, email iBasso your opinions if you want them to head in that direction. We've had success with this process in the past.  
I've been stuck on 1.2.7 since it came out. Looks like we need to email iBasso again and stress the audible differences between firmwares and what our collective preferences are. Audio community unite!
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