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I got the slappy hard case and it fits the 580's nicely. Excellent reccomendation. Thanks for it! ;D
Thanks a lot man. Ordered!   I hope they fit nice and snug. =D  
Actually, you now something i'd absolutely love...   A hard protection case for these headphones. They're very limiting to carry round, because they're pretty prone to damage. I'd take them around with me a lot more if I had a case to put them in, rather than just the bag.   Too bad Ultrasone made the bad marketing choice of only distributing in Germany via their website. They have an appropriate case, from what i've seen, but will only distribute within...
Man, I absolutely love these headphones like 20 times more, now i've had a chance to gander through all your reccommendation tracks. Thank you so much for sharing.   I'm in love with the 580's. Easily one of the best purchases i've ever made. =DD
Sorry to repeat my question yet again... xP But, i'm curious to know what kind of (portable) amps you people are using/recommending for you 580's?   I've mentioned before, that when used with my iPod nano, the sound is less than optimal in terms of volume.   Someone previously suggested a specific amp, but it was dead expensive, and it wasn't exactly portable. Anyone have anything to share in this respect, please. = )
Damn. Took a look at the aforementioned amp, and MAN is it expensive. Not to mention it doesn't look too portable either. =/ Any other recommended amps, that are lower on the cost and portable? =)     Oh yeah, and for seeing these headphones running at full potential: I absolutely fell in love with them when I listened to this in it's full HD mode, better still, when I downloaded the 320 mp3:         This track really makes these headphones shine for everything they're...
Excellent review Farelistic. Makes me proud i'm newly a part of the HFI580 platoon. =DD
Recently bought a pair of these here HFI-580's and i'm loving them sooo much. =D I wanted to know, how long do they take to "burn-in", and what kind of difference will it make?   And also, any recommended portable amps for these headphones? The volume kind of lacks when I play them with my iPod nano, which is more than understandable considering the size of these phones and the amount of power they must demand.   Thaanks. =D
And OMG they play sooooo much more amazingly than I thought with other genres. Just some quick feedback from some on-the-spot listening.   Rock worked superb.   Metal worked fantastic, although after listening to some heavy bass songs (ie. dubstep, DnB) it felt like it kind of lacked a POWERPUNCH for metals' purpose.   Hip-Hop worked INCREDIBLE. Especially since most of it has a nice bassy backtrack. However, it seemed to lack a punch, if the song...
Oh wow. Recieved my sexy @ss Ultrasones yesterday. Opened them up today and gave em a twirl.   F*CK ME. HOLY LORD, THESE THINGS ARE POWERFUL! I have them hooked up to my laptop right now, playing a hardcore tempo'd dubstep tune and it's immense. The bass is defo OUT THERE! Check the track here, it's GOLD:       I'm diggin it. Theyre not distorting any of the other sounds at all. The quality is coming out crisp. Even for the 192 kbps mp3's. These...
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