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I have a Lyr and a Bifrost already, and have started saving up for both the statement amp and DAC. I have a few options for headphones to be paired with the new setup.   Which would be best with the upcoming statement amp and DAC?   1. Recabling the Beyer T1s I already own to XLR. 2. Buying LCD-2s and getting an XLR cable 3. Buying Edition 8s and recabling them to XLR   I kind of want to get the edition 8s, but do you think they might get blown out by the...
same only I'd be upgrading from nothing since I dont have IEMs, only a pair of Yuin G2As
Is this a RedWineAudio iMod or a DIYMod?
Hi everyone,   I've owned a pair of Yuin G2As for about 2 months now, and the cable is already cracking by the headphone jack. I use it in my portable setup (iMod 5.5g > ALO LOD > Pico Slim) on my desk at the office so I'm kinda surprised they'd be falling apart so quick.    I dont really want to return them or anything because I dont feel that would solve the problem.    I use clipons because my ears are weird and IEMs and earbuds keep falling out of both...
Hi, can I get a quote for the imod + lod and shipping to New Jersey, USA, zipcode 07090?
Hi everyone,   I just got an office job that lets us use our mp3 players at work. Therefore I want to get a baller portable setup to maximize my enjoyment of music at work.   I originally tried to get an ipod 5g off ebay, but the seller made a mistake and sent me a 6g instead, which I couldnt really rockbox that well.    I have a Fiio E7 and Yuin G2a headphones so far.   My choices are    RWA iMod 60gb+ Hifiman HM-602 16gb + 32gb sd card or wait...
PM sent
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