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This is for gaming on my Xbox One. Those are my surplus headphones.   My home setup is CAPS Media Server > Audio-Gd Master 7 > Audio-Gd Master 6 > LCD-2 R1s My work setup is RWAK100-S > Apex Glacier > Edition 8s   I'm pretty much played out on those setups, and want to put my headphones that are just lying around to good use, before I buy anymore. 
Hi all,    Thank you Mad Lust Envy for writing this guide. I had gone to Best Buy to get a gaming headset for Titanfall on Xbox One, and cringed when I checked out their "top of the line" turtle beach and astro sets sets. I knew there had to be a better way, and you provided it.    So here's what I was planning on doing. I got a Turtle Beach DSS (original version), and a Modmic.    Audio - Xbox One > Optical DSS > Headphones Voice Modmic > 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter >...
Yeah, I know they're overpriced, that's why I'm here trying to get a used one. Thanks anyway.
Hi all,   I just bought an RWAK100-S and will be pairing it with a Pico Slim to drive ED8s. I have a few Blue Dragon mini to minis that I use with my Imod setup now, so I would like an upgrade on those.   I want 1 mini to mini cable, branded, about 6-12 inches, no DIY stuff. Something that would work well with the above setup.    Oh yeah shipping would be to NJ, USA for reference, and I will pay with paypal, no gift.    Thanks in advance! Hope to have...
I'm really thinking of buying an RWAK100. It looks amazing! Is it much better than an imod 5.5g with a v-cap dock? I'm kind of sick of setting it up every time I want to listen.
I just got an Audio-Gd Master 6 and would like a Reference 7 or Master 7 to pair with. Please PM with offers!    Thanks,   Brian
Would a Pico Slim be an upgrade over the internal amp, or should I just use the internal amp?
Hi guys,   As you can see by the title, I want an Amp/DAC, preferably in the same box, with balanced output and usb input. This is meant for a bedroom setup with an Audeze LCD-2 or Beyer T1 and a laptop, and I dont really want to deal with 2 boxes.   Right now, the only one I can find is the Audio-Gd NFB-10. I'm definitely willing to buy used, and my budget is ~600 usd. I'm just not sure where to look for the very specific requirements I need. Any guidance would...
Haha tell your friend he cost you a sale... I pulled the trigger on a pair of lcd-2s for 825 just yesterday morning. I would have gladly made an offer on yours if it had been available. Anyway, GLWS! I'm sure someone will snap these up right quick at this price.
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