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Hi all,   I have a chord hugo that I use in my office setup with my Edition 8s. Right now I use an AK100 with the optical to the hugo, but I was wondering if maybe I could improve the experience of the transport with perhaps an AK Jr, AK100ii or even an AK240. Any other recommendations?   Which one has the best operating system, the most capacity, and the best overall experience as a transport? Or am I being silly and I should just stick with my original...
Hi guys,   Looking for any of the above Audio-Technica Clipons. Willing to pay good prices!!    Also, if you have any other than the EW9 and EM7, I would also like to buy those too.   I'm just in love with the stylings, but I got into the headphone game late and missed out.    Spread the word!!   My wishlist is EM9D, EM9R and EM700. PM me an offer!   Thanks!
The HE400s do seem very nice, and his favorite color is blue. Do you think he could throw them in a backpack, or are they too fragile for that?
Hi all,   I just went traveling with my brother and his old sonys were leaving black flakes on his ears, so out they go. His birthday is coming up, so I wanted to get him new headphones.    He's not an audiophile, more of a "normal" person. So he doesnt want to use an amp or anything other than an iPhone or iPad or iMac. Crazy, I know.    But this is my golden opportunity to get him something good.   I was looking at the following headphones   Momentums AKG K545...
Never really had an echo tbh. Not sure why there would be one in the first place? The mic is wired separately and no reason the mic should be picking up any sort of audio while you're using headphones? The only thing I can think of is if your 2 female to 1 male 3.5mm adapter connected to the chat adapter is the issue. Mine has separate mic and headphone inputs, so if yours doesnt that might be a problem. Maybe chat audio is coming through the mic too?
 My original plan was that I would plug the modmic straight into the chat adapter, but the chat adapter thought the modmic was a full headset, and I wasnt getting chat audio through the headphones, so I needed to split it. The mic doesnt run through the DSS because the DSS only uses a USB chat so that might be the difference. 
You are correct, I mute the game audio through the headset adapter and click the chat audio button until that's the only thing coming through it. Game audio through the DSS, Chat audio through the chat adapter.
 Hey, I managed to get it all working using a couple adapters. You cant plug the mic straight into the chat adapter. You need a PC Headset to Mobile phone adapter. You plug the mic into the mic end of the pc headset adapter, and then I used a 1 female to 2 male 3.5mm adapter to split the headphones, one to DSS, the other to chat adapter. I listed out instructions earlier in the thread, but they are easily missed. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
Hey guys,    I managed to figure out how to get a set of headphones working with the Xbox One with game audio and voice chat using this guide as a core.   Here is what you need: (What I used)   Headphones (ATH-W11r) Surround Processor (Turtle Beach DSS) Mic (Modmic 2.3) Optical Cable PC Headset 2 female 3.5mm to mobile phone male 3.5mm adapter female 3.5mm to 2 male 3.5mm adapter Xbox Chat Adapter 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter (if necessary)   So it gets a bit...
Would a DSS original version be enough to drive my ATH-W11R if I were to use them together? Or would I need an amp? Impedance is only 48 ohms. Pretty excited about it.
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