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I need advice on the differences between the 5000 and the 7000.  I've read some opinions that state the 5000 is superior.  Are the 7000's worth the extra money?
India Arie-Ready for Love   great vocals great rercording
I agree I have the Chesky sampler and one of my favorite demo songs for clarity /female vocals is Rebecca Pidgeon-Spanish Harlem.
El Macho-Mark Knopfler Mission Bell-Stan Ridgway Drop the World-Lil Wayne   I got a long list if your interested!
With Senn 600 what volume setting do you need to go for max volume with no distortion? I heard with the Stepdance 3 O'Clock position was common.
Skylab I've been following your thread and your conclusion is that the Lisa L3 is your new reference portable amp supplanting the Stepdance but I don't think you explained which of the two is more powerful for hard to drive phones.  Your reply would really be appreciated since I am ready to purchase one of the two.  Also does the Lisa have better battery life than the Stepdance?
I'm seriously considering the SR 71a for my Senn.HD650s.  Did you consider the Meir Stepdance before your purchase?
King Styles -Which Denons?  I can't decide D-5000 or D-7000.  I've read in some posts that the D-5000 out performs the 7000.
Thanks that's the kind of post I'm looking for.  I have that CD(Morph the Cat) but now I'm going to go back and really listen to the bass quality.     One of my favorites for Bass quality is El Macho by Mark Knopfler.
Best Genesis Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 1975,Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick 1972,Passsion Play 1973 Yes Tales from Topagraphic Oceans 1973 Terry Bozzio Drum Clinic 2007,ELP Brain Salad Surgery 1973
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