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Only you and your budget can answer that. I have both the S4s and the Monster Turbines. The Monster Turbines are my preference, but not by much. I also got my Turbines brand spankin new for $50, and free Monster Super Tips. If the price of both was the same, MT hands down. But only you can answer if the MT are worth the price. I like them but they are heavy. They also have a nice hefty cable.    
I love my S4s and they're one of the most comfortable IEMs I've ever had in my ears.  
I agree. Especially the tin ears that "think" they can tell the difference between $400 and $500 / foot speaker cables. All the flowery language they use cracks me up.   I assume you meant GOLF club. And if so, unless he is a scratch golfer, the $500 would be better spent on lessons.
I have a pair of CX 680s that I use in the gym. IMO, expensive IEMs for the gym is kind of risky. I take mine in and out a lot plus sweat. I'd rather not spend big bucks on gym IEMs.
My refurbished Turbines came with a pouch and a shirt clip. Nothing else. As it turns out, the shell of one of them broke in half in the first hour of use. I sent them back to Monster and received a BRAND NEW pair in a shrink wrapped box. These had an L connector and all the extra tips and additional pouch.
Yes you can. At least on EQu you can.  
Interesting choice of adjectives. Unfortunately, I don't know what "grossly scooped" or "kinda thin" or "beefed up" really mean. I expect it is also subjective. "Black and yellow"????? Taxi cab music?
Refurbished Turbines don't come with any extra tips. They only come with a pouch and shirt clip.
I saw those at the CES and they looked nice. Didn't get a chance to hear them but it appears that they are just the Turbines. So they should sound great.
I have both the Monster Turbines and the S4s. In the short time I've had them, I think the Turbines have slightly more bass, but not by much. I find the Klipsch a bit more comfortable, maybe because they're lighter. They're both great IEMs in my opinion, but I'm not sure that the Turbines are worth twice the money.
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