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Sounds good lol thanks I will check it out At least for your ears and music and head/earphones it is clear which DAC is better ... Maybe I will buy both and the dragonfly and a b c them for myself tried my Asus U3 into amp and it was worse than note 3 directly into amp.I got some music to get to Cheers
Thanks again!Interference does not sound good at all Hmmm I would use an amp so like you digitally attenuated volume on hrt streamer not a factor.If you have another minute could you describe what you like about the hrt streamer to e12 vs e18 to e12? Soundstage, details dynamics? EtcI am reading all the e18 threads and reviews just saw a few posts you made
Thanks for the info!So aside from interference hour does the hrt microstreamer to e12 compare to the e18 to e12?Selling it huh (e18) lol with what others are reporting with no interference I wonder why you get it? Signal type gsm vs CDMA? 3g vs 4g, defect in unit?
I am just about to pull the trigger on the e18 to pair with my note 3 and rendition 1 amp. Will be pushing heir audio 6.A and 8.A my wife will use her 1964 ears V6stage. I was going to get the x5 or dx90 but getting access to Google music at 320kb or even improved Pandora is worth it. So my thought is to buy the e18 use it as mentioned above till x7 and note 4 come out and see how things shape up. I still have my sflo2 that when paired with the rendition 1 really sounds...
I have had the s3 it is horrible note 2 is horrible nexus 5 is great this thread is about the nexus 5 sq not other phones.Ine/us 5 is very very quiet no his at any volume in quiet passages!It does not have the highest gain but I do not listen to my music loudly.As in s3 has hiss nexus 5 does not.We must have a misunderstanding because I am not co tradicting your point on the s3 just saying the nexus 5 is very good sounding. Yes synergy counts in a phone, the nexus 5 is...
I cannot compare thee ultimate sound quality differences but the Nexus 5 as stated many times has zero hiss and is very detailed. This is coming from 16 ohm and 32 ohm CIEMSThis is not the S3 no hiss with low impedence ciems and I believe the output impedance on the nexus 5 is as low or lower than the iPhone as stated by someone else.Please read before posting. Not speaking of general sq just hiss.Also synergy comes into play with sound signature preferences.
The nexus 5 has no "white layer".It is a silent background. This is with sensitive CIEM'S.As for distortion at higher volumes I have heard none but I did not try to blow my ear drums out either.
Love the sound on the Nexus 5, my heir audio 8.A's love it, I will try my 6.A soon. It has a black black backround. My old Note 2 had a hiss and my NEW Rendition 1 amp has a hiss :(   Nexus 5 sounds GREAT, I loaded a bunch of flac files and only 1 album of the 10 or so I loaded will play! I have not yet figured out why that is, love any suggestions. The one that plays was an HD tracks download the others were CD rips and all the files played fine on my S-Flo2.   My...
That's strange on the phone I was told the demo is available (at least at 1964 ears). Well my wife and I will be stopping by 1964ears on friday so well know for sure then
I did the same thing about 5 days ago and have also heard nothing back, I see he has been on a few times since then.   HOPE he responds to both of us!!!    edit: in addition to imbalance I am having this exact problem as well
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