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Sorry guys I was able to talk my wife into upgrading to the A12 after the kick starter ended. I did drive to 1964 ears again yesterday and we listened to the A6 tho they did not have an A10 on hand to try.
We have done that twice when putting in our orders and get ear impressions and considered doing it for the pickup but are real busy these few weeks!
Amber Rubarth "sessions from the 17th ward" oh my LOL
They are in my ears now, hope they are not hers. LOL They are sounding good, just gonna enjoy them tonight ... getting used to the fit and sound ... they are fuller sounding as a custom than they were as Demo's for me but mostly sound the same. Very detailed... I have been listening to my 6.A's for the past few days, the 6.A's hold up pretty well TBH, the details are noticeably more separated on the A12, brighter sounding because of it, but the bass is also fuller on the...
There here! I am waiting for my wife to get home to open them up. Poor girl hers still haven't been buffed, probably won't ship till Monday or Tuesday
I already posted impressions from the demo, will of course post more when I get them... Still waiting for FedEx!
GOOD LUCK I am going to be around all day so I will wait for them then if they get here early enough take a nice long walk with them to the local park!
Yup switching from an 8.A to the A12 does give an impression of brightness comparatively so but not souch in absolute terms. My A12 shipped today, delivery expected for tomorrow! I win wifey, mine finished first. Hers likely a day or 2 later haha
You mean hour haha haha, "just checked, still buffed"
I hope so as well, mine have been buffed for over a week now and my wife's are stalled on faceplate applied .... oh the excruciating wait
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