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Traded to: LTSFBH
Def considering picking up a pair to try. Love my Senn Amperiors for dj'ing but the clamping force has always been uncomfortable with glasses on.
Great review. The connector for the IEM reminds me of a mini displayport.
I'm interested in attending, though this is the same day as a gig I have in the following evening. ._. Possible gear I may bring: CDJ 2000 nexus (so everyone can use their own various media to listen with) Focusrite 2i4 GoVibe Vest Amp Headphones: Grado SR325i AKG K550 Senn Amperior Beyer DT990 Pioneer HDJ1500 Koss KO-727b
ah, the connector in the picture looked similar from a glance. :P
Do these work with the Senn HD25?
Interesting.. That club looks tiny, haha.
new years bump. :p
Sold to BizFromQC.
Entered :D
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