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Put out a Workout mix early last month, 100BPM-150BPM of summer vibes. Check it out guys :) Tracklist: 1 The Him feat. Gia Koka - Don't Leave Without Me (Club Edit)  2 Drake - One Dance (Alvaro Remix)  3 Justin Bieber - Company (DJ Valid Remix)  4 Usher - U Don't Have to Call (Durkin Remix)  5 Zomboy - Miles Away (feat. Nefera) 6 The Chainsmokers vs DJ Snake vs Lil Dicky - Roses & Money (3LAU Mashup) 7 Antiserum and... 
Sweetwater has them for sale.
Can't wait to try these out, for a $200 headphone I wonder how they will compare w/ other studio headphones like the Q701/702. :)-EPSpecs from Pioneer: Source:
Was recently scammed by a user named Melvins on the website, can anyone who has been scammed before advise me on what to do next? I'm going to file a police report in the morning.     -EP
The headphone reminds me a bit of the HD-25 but made with a beats-esque headband. They look like they would be good for DJ'ing.
Traded to: Melvins
Traded to: LTSFBH
Def considering picking up a pair to try. Love my Senn Amperiors for dj'ing but the clamping force has always been uncomfortable with glasses on.
Great review. The connector for the IEM reminds me of a mini displayport.
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