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@modulor - have you initiated the 'new port' request with RockBox?  I have scanned the RockBox Development/New Ports forum and did not see any entries/discussion as of yet.. just curious.  Hopefully with Fang's offer to assist, RB will give serious consideration and priority to this endeavor.  I have been waiting years for the HM-601 port... thanks.     Have had the HM-700/RE-400 combo for a few weeks, and continue to be impressed.  A RB mod would take it to another level.
Big difference in sound stage.. wider and deeper running balanced.  Microdetails seem to be better, mids are a little less forward.  Have never heard the 262 or 272 to compare against.
Have had the HM-700 and RE-400B (balanced) combo three days now.  Wow.  Very impressed.  A very out-of-head, 3D experience.  The 400 scales up beautifully with this kit.  Played some tracks with sub-sonics - the 400 will rattle the brain matter if it's in the recording.   I have the RE-ZERO and RE-0.. the 400B is in another league.  
Just received my 'bundle' today too.. I agree with D Robb concerning DSOTM.  I think a .1 sec gap is being generous.. it's virtually gapless for all intents an purposes.  I can't complain.  Will put up some impressions after burn-in, but 2 things out of the box: 1) soundstage - wow.. very wide and 3 dimensional, 2) power - the DAP drives the 400B's with authority and slam.  Very pleased and impressed so far.
It's Thursday.. no information on the 600's showing....?   I agree with Mython.. The RE-600 and the HE-400 are the same price... makes one think about it..
wow triode.. looks like some Delta faucet parts on those nozzles..
I have had a similar experience.. I ordered a pair of GR04 Pro headphones and they were defective.  I returned it through RMA, and 4 weeks later got a replacement that was NOT in a box.. packaging was a plain envelope and the logo plates on the earphones were scratched due to no shipping protection, however the phones worked fine.  The whole process was such a pita, that I did not pursue getting another unblemished replacement.   I guess one must realize that this...
Does the N1 have an "LOD" setting?  I can only see one jack...  
Have had the ZEROs for 2 years without any problems.. just bought the RE-0 a month ago since the price dropped.. seems to be well made - as good as the ZEROs.
I have the RE-ZERO and RE-0.. really enjoy both.  Would like to see a comparison between the RE-400 and the RE-ZERO, as they are (were) priced the same.. are they equivalent, or is the 400 an improvement..
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