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 Leckerton UHA-6S MKII. It's also on the innerfidelity wall of fame.
Sorry, I didn't know. Closed the ad now.
The asking price was my friend's choice. Feel free to negotiate the price with him.
The cable won't change the sound but the cable adapter will, depending on whether you bought the S adapter or P adapter. S Adapter: P Adapter: The S adapter will be softer but sounds better (better treble...
Did you have an ER4-PT and bought the S cable adapter? You converted your ER4-PT into an ER4S which has less volume sensitivity and is expected.
You said in this video that you prefer the Zero Audio Tenore over the ER4S: Have you changed your mind?
Mint condition. Bought from Amazon and used for less than 1 hour. Receipt, storage bag, and 1/4" adapter. Comes with 2 year warranty. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.
Selling all these together for US$199 + fees + shipping, will not sell separately: - Etymotic ER4S (worth $299): Bought it a year ago from Amazon. It was originally an ER4-PT but I upgraded it to an ER4S with the cable adapter. - Westone Epic Cable (worth $66): Bought it directly from Westone a year ago. It's the clear color version. - Westone cable adapter (worth $37): Bought from ebay a year ago. This cable adapter upgrades the ER4-PT to an ER4S. - 3 pairs of Red and...
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