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The only pots that will fit is the ALP's range.
 So the "NEW" LCD-2 has fazor now? If this is true then this is indeed a revision 3 to the LCD2's and I may pick one up for the heck of it. 
Purk the Abyss + LAu wipes the floor compared to the SR-009 and BHSE.
What is Mas K Bo? Sounds familiar, isn't that a rare amplifier from Japan? 
 One simply does not ask how well this will pair with the ipod earbuds. 
 True but you can't exactly compare the two as it is a bit unjustified. Manufacturers can do an ortho, i.e something that sounds good for cheap and looks good to boot. The problem is they either don't want to because they don't have the expertise or equipment to do so in the field of planar magnetic technology or they just can't justify it because there isn't enough demand and even more so why bother with something less expensive when you know customers are paying more for...
Good to hear. Any cap over 16v is fine as there is only about 6-7vac going through the wiring that the caps are soldered to.
This brought a smile to my face and made my evening.
 Yeah I've seen that, funny thing is Goldmund is as guilty as anybody else when it comes to rebadging other manufacturers stuff. 
 It's already been mentioned before select few people have review units already or one incoming there way.
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