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Panasonic KXL-D740 with Unique Melody 3X. Studio quality sound. Super)
Here is my review on russian, Google-translator will help:)
I think that Apple needs a new music player. "Classic"? He is real classical portable music player. Now people want more with more power and top audio quality.  My thoughts that Apple can produce faceplate of classic, better screen (and even touch screen), slimmer design with 128 flash memory (but with possibility to connect some external memory disks), lighting port. Inside they need to put top chips from Cirrus logic and good amplifier section. They will keep all the...
Sleek Audio SA7, Sennheiser IE80, Monster Gratitude.
Go for IE80, they are very good with iPods and your music tastes. But, W4 are more comfortable plus has a very good isolation.
You can modify iPod 5.5 with SSD or CF-card.   Also Teclast T51 should suit you, but you can find them only old and use, Sony NWZ-Z1000 and nef F880, ZX1 should be very good.  Cowons has synthetical sound.
iPod 5.5 + Rockbox:)
iPT5 has more clear and clean sound even clinical in a good way. iClassic has more musical and slightly deeper sound, also more 3D when comparing to iTouch5. All in all, but almost all depends of your headphones/iems.
Nodiam, you need to reinstall firmware. On windows and better on Windows XP. Their site has original firmware and video how to reinstall it. Try!
Sennheiser IE800 are superior, but price is too high)
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