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Totally agreed
Many thanks, EtyDave! From my experience all of dynamic Etymotics are better from one model to another model. I mean newer models everytime is better than previous. So, hope with BA classics of Ety's we will have a new era of the new Ety's models.  
Should we found good improvement from the new models versus previous ones? Or -+ the same with a slightly difference?
Q-Jays V2 has perfect detachable cable construction. Suggest to all to steal their idea)
Lunashops has something based on the same drivers with the similar sound signature, like they said. I suppose fakes are exist.
Number of drivers are not the main point of the good or even top sound.
i compared only II and IV) No words about V and VI from me)
Good Air, better than on II, better instrumental separation and placement, better bass punch. Less clarity on the mids and less speed. So, basically not good for heavy metal speed genres, guitars has not enough speed, like on Sennheiser IE8/80 for example.But they are not DAP-dependent, so even on SanDisk player they are sounding very good, you don't need a good player/amp to get a good SQ.II needs amp. But even if II amped, IV sounds better. IMO.Does anyone tried...
Take SanDisk Jam. I like it more than any Clips. Dunno why, but some very small things changed against old ones and the newest model just good overall. I suppose it is not made from the cheaper parts, -+ the same. It is impossible to make a huge jump in this price point and size.  Also take a look on Xduoo X2 and Fiio M3, small players with good amps inside, lot of people prefers them to SanDisks because of more powerful sound nowadays.
Both of you can be right, but let me add 50cents.1) Low output impedance is a must for all portable DAPs these days.2) No hiss is a good requirement for all stuff. 3) Synergy. Yes, some A-DAP can be perfect, some B-Phones can be top-notch, but together - crap. So this is a good practice to match all your stuff from one element to another.4) Drive power. Some people can live with normal devices, some can't without amping, even if the phones doesn't require amping. Placebo?...
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