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FAD is something very new to me. I've tried Heaven IV and II and bought II, because of more dry and natural mids. Using them with QLS 360 i was completely impressed of what they can do on a powerful good source. Sometimes they reminds me Etymotic ER4s (but without perfect treble and craziest microdetail level), but FAD are more melodic (fun) with some beautiful things. From mobile phone they are some kind of Etymotic HF-league. On a powerful source they are completely on...
Etymotic ER4S on a good powerful source.
Buy a DAC for iPhone/iPod. Your phones are not bad)  Also you can buy some good powerhungry IEMs for DAC or full sized universal phones, like Denon D600.
Any SQ news about Nano"8"gen?^_^ 
I concur. As for me, Sony is downgrade only in output power and durability. X3 is made like a tank, and has much more power. If you will using Sony with easy driven IEMs, it will be better. A10 has more black background = better instrumental separation, same level of details, but generally much more exciting and musical sound. Also it has much better bass. X3 will drive much more phones, that is why generally will be a feeling that he sounds better. Details are not so...
No, i mean only SQ. It has a very good detail level, enough power, but not so good battery and case. Also it is much smaller. Also it is much cheaper:)
Just from my experience bigger DAPs usually sounds better then their smaller brothers. Yes, sometimes they have totally different parts inside (DX100 vs DX90 and DX50), but for example Colorlfy C4 still better than new C10 and smaller CK4, Ihifi 960 is better than Ihifi 760 and 770, even HSA Studio is better than all Rocoos. But again i don't mean that smaller brothers are bad at all. What should we expect? Soundsignature based on Cirrus Logic are good and lot of devices...
700 with a normal HO is a bomb!)  This player sounds very good, despite it made on the primitive parts. Same as HSA players, but 700 is on par with Studio.
So, M2 should have better sound than M3?  M2 design+size are very good. And price is lower...
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