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Unique Melody 3X has huge soundstage
Thanks, Tom and Jant! I'm looking on 1. Also read some good things about them and i like higher Ohm phones.
And how about instrumental separation and soundstage size in all models?:)
And what about younger brothers CX1.00?
Also there are Samsung Galaxy Players (yp-g, they have wi-fi, slot), very good sound and they are about 100-200$. 
Teclast X30SE, Xduoo X1(no card slot), Cube C30, Cube C60, Colorfly C3 or used iPod 5.5 (hdd, also U can modify it on a higher capacity), old Irivers and new Irivers (slot).
All Moto's sounds good. No marketing)
no doubt, very good player
Nope, other cables are not on photo:)
Aune M1, Unique Melody Merlin (universal), Heir Audio 4Ai.  Aune + Merlins = perfecy synergy. Craziest IEMs, favourites in my audio life.
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