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Tried them with Hifiman 601 LE. Seems very good. 1R has some strange loud noise via 601LE, but they are more comfortable. I had had a very light seal on my head, but want to try them again and buy them. Like them more than Sennheiser 25 and Monster Vektr, all Beats:) Not a fan of on-ear/over-ear type of phones, but decided to change myself, and to be honest 10RC has some beautiful sound:)
When i had mine - no, it wasn't hot when working.
AP100, but in Sony NWZ-S-like case:)
M1 is very powerful. It is friendly with high impadence phones (25 Ohm+). I used to listen to it for a lot of months mostly with Heir Audio 4Ai, no problems. With JVC HA-FX750 sound was very bad because of high impadence output of M1 with some other 16 Ohm phones too. When you'll find a good phones for him, you will be quite impressed, sound of it -+ of Colorfly C4 level, so i mean, much metter than Fiio X3, DX50 even better than X5 and DX90. But, yes, treble is not...
I've got a lot of Apples in my job, and from all of them i like 5c more. 6 and 6+ sounds -= identical, while 5c is not so detailed (less 10-8% versus 6/6+) but more musical. And yes, 6 has better soundstage, separation, and bass response, so maybe such sound kind of signature like from Sennheiser will make a perfect synergy, but neutral IEMs sounds little bright and without emotions. This is not bad, but Apple could more. I'm waiting for something like iPod Classic sound...
Better take bassy phones:)
As i know that released year means a lot to Sony sound. I used to have had and to listen to a lot of Sony in past, so what i noticed from the last: A840&X1000 vs S750 - all has very warm sound, small troubles in both edges. A & X slightly more powerful and detailed.  Z1000 vs S760&A860 - more neutral with dark tone. Z has more details, slightly better both edges, slightly more power. S was more musical with better holographic feeling.  I'm in Europe, so all Sony needs...
Lot of russian users says that E580 and A10 sounds identical, is it true?
iClassic with E11 via LOD sounds good. And 5.5 too, maybe even better. As for me, i like iClassics more, but here most audiophiles loves 5.5 and it is ok too) E6 is not perfect, but he can improve V-Moda cans.
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