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Thanks, Gerelmx1986:)
Buy a new HDD or make an SSD/CF-mod
Does anyone has a good experience with E580, S760, Z1000? Does SQ of A10 much better? Sound character (warm/neutral), soundstage, instrumental separation? Also maybe comparisons with iTouch 5?
Someone thought iPod has installed NBA game... Someone used to play basketball using your iClassic.Hint: U need to change your HDDHint2: no solution;)
Unique Melody 3X has huge soundstage
Thanks, Tom and Jant! I'm looking on 1. Also read some good things about them and i like higher Ohm phones.
And how about instrumental separation and soundstage size in all models?:)
And what about younger brothers CX1.00?
Also there are Samsung Galaxy Players (yp-g, they have wi-fi, slot), very good sound and they are about 100-200$. 
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