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Does anyone has a long experience with Pro10/W10 and Pro20/W20? And any comparisons to Pro30/40 for example)  
Bad? Ok, they sounds good only with Olive-foam tips)
Thanks GN-0015)
Does anyone compared Ety 4P with Westone 10Pro or 10? I didn't find a lot of reviews, but some what i've found has some similarities. Interested in soundstage, instrument separation, details.
Hifiman 601 Limited Edition 30 hours of accurate indoor usage. Has some smallest scratches on the screen because of his soft pouch-case. That's why in general looks only on 9.9/10:) Works better than new, actually it is new but after burn-in time) Also has charger and usb cable.  Sound to lot of people will be kind of the "unique" because of vintage hq dac inside. Sounds lot of times better than original 601, so highly recommend. Want some another good player or good...
Like new!  Sony MDR10RC 50 hours of burn-in time, 50 hours of accurate usage.  Headphones, 2 cables (1 normal, 1 with mic), pouch case. Very good sound, very comfortable, foldable, stylish, Sony...)  Want some interesting IEMs in the same condition, can add some extra money or HiFiman 601LE.  Now i'm in Poland, so Warsaw only please.  Feel free to ask me any questions in PM)  
Tried them with Hifiman 601 LE. Seems very good. 1R has some strange loud noise via 601LE, but they are more comfortable. I had had a very light seal on my head, but want to try them again and buy them. Like them more than Sennheiser 25 and Monster Vektr, all Beats:) Not a fan of on-ear/over-ear type of phones, but decided to change myself, and to be honest 10RC has some beautiful sound:)
When i had mine - no, it wasn't hot when working.
AP100, but in Sony NWZ-S-like case:)
M1 is very powerful. It is friendly with high impadence phones (25 Ohm+). I used to listen to it for a lot of months mostly with Heir Audio 4Ai, no problems. With JVC HA-FX750 sound was very bad because of high impadence output of M1 with some other 16 Ohm phones too. When you'll find a good phones for him, you will be quite impressed, sound of it -+ of Colorfly C4 level, so i mean, much metter than Fiio X3, DX50 even better than X5 and DX90. But, yes, treble is not...
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