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Maybe official site?)
Sorry, we need money more.
Hi! Sure 300USD for 1 and some discount for two! So maybe 500$ for both?;)
Hello! We've got two pairs of hybrid-technology universals Unique Melody 3X (dynamic+2BA). Both colors, black+black & red+blue. All new. Price ~300$ per One with shipping all over the world via EMS.  Paypal or Western Union.  Reason: we are from Ukraine, economic and social situation is awful. 
They will sound good after 100 hours, seriously.
PS I can wear them both ways but mostly over ears.
I've got big ears, so i don't have any problems with IE60. Try different tips, not Sennheiser tips, from any other IEMs.
U need to find some good tips and you will get a perfect seal and a good isolation despite they are semi-opened model.  PS Hifiman 700 with non-balanced adaptor matches IE60 perfectly, or even "Simply the best"(c) lol:)
Lot of Monster IEMs are great:)
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