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Im almost always free after 5PM so if anyone wants to hang for coffee or something I'm all up for it. Anyway, Burton Barr sounds fantastic.   Im dying to talk to other audio enthusiasts. :)
I correct myself, I just purchased a pair of MEElectronics M6 IEM's to use on the go when rollerblading. Still not much gear or really even a lot of can-hearing experience. Heh. I honestly don't know how these meetups work exactly. Do you just bring your gear and share it with others to audition, as well as discuss the finer details of audiophilia?
Ahwatukee here. Only got basic equipment (Fiio, HD595, etc.). It'd be great to talk to other audio enthusiasts though as noone I know has any idea what the heck I am talking about. :P
To a degree. The law of diminishing returns starts to apply heavily as you go up into headphones hundreds of dollars worth, but especially with those in the thousands.   As it seems the majority of people who would even be slightly interested in testing (let alone owning) say a pair of Stax, the results of such reviews stating the improvement in such headphones ($2000 compared to $6000 headphones) are likely to be twisted thusly.   To an average audio enthusiast...
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