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Bump, any updates on the topic ?
Nice job, looks awesome :)
Bump for this old thread, I'm interested as well :)
I've choose the Mytek stereo 96 DAC, witch I'm pretty happy with at the moment, I think it pairs well with the AKGs, the sound is nicely balanced, but thanks for the input, appreciate it ! :)
BUMP !   I'd like to read more about this dac, is it sensitive for incoming jitter ?
Maybe you're concentrating to hard, you should listen to the music and focus on your feelings about it. I once read it from Till that this way it's easier, the swapping quickly.
I knew there would be very stubble differences between dacs in the same price range, but didn't tough they would be this stubble, any chance that your amp is not up for the job ?, I know that the HE-6 is tough to drive.
so, you're saying that they're on the same level ? what about the sound signature, are there any differences there ?
Anyone got a chance to compare the M-Dac to the Mytek stereo 96 ? I can't seem to find any comparison of the to on-line. I'm looking for a new dac int the 800-900$ range, and currently trying to decide witch one of those two. Will use the dac with AKG K1000s.
Hi guys !   I'm looking for a Dac to pair with my beloved K1000s. I'm on a budget around 800-900$. Is there any dac out there witch pairs up nicely with the K1ks ? Currently I'm stuck between the Audiolab M-Dac and the Mytek stereo 96.
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