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Give them a couple weeks. Mine clamped like crazy out of the box. They're perfect now.  
Hater's gonna hate. HFI-580's beat the crap out of all the SC's I've tried  
I've listened to all three. M50 had potential, but I'm guessing needed amplification for bass knock. I A/B'ed the crossfades with my 580's.. wasn't a fan. Dark, warm sound with not much bass. Super comfy though  
Well, I'd say, they aren't EQ'ed for straight bass knock with no adjustments, but if you play something with more powerful lows and EQ and amp it properly, they knock.  
"Don't have that much bass"?    
1. Yeah, the HFI-580's are made in Taiwan. I guess it's the same way some Toyota's are made in the USA.   2. If you got the same manual I did, it's a manual for multiple Ultrasone phones, some of which do have detachable cords. However, the 580's do not have such cords.  
New Posts  All Forums: