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Have that same setup, though I've only got like half an hour of listening time on it, the Classic takes up most of the head time for me 
For an all rounder I'd go with the beyer T1 I thought it does well with everything you throw at it.
So how do we go about getting the FR graph, anyone have a link?
I've heard all 3 and I strongly prefer the 840, and still use it often, even though I have much better speakers + headphones. It depends on what you like to listen to the most, but did find the 840's to be quite detailed for their price range, and do well in all areas, highs, mids, lows, transparency etc. basically a jack of all trades headphone, and like it for that.
T1, hands down best all rounder I've heard.
Anybody here the new boys noize track, really digging this...
what about that PSB M4U 2 noise cancelling headphone, looks intriguing
Try the Audioengine D1, or any of the iBasso line, they have Dac/Amp combo's which I think is better to start off with then just getting a standalone dac/amp.
  So true, I've heard speakers and headphones which were supposed to be the bees knees but I turned out hating how they sound. It doesn't make sense to recommend or trash something you've never heard. And this goes for anything 
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