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Definitely the soundtrack to Akira
T1's are very good, IMO HD800 is the more technically proficient headphone, and superior in many regards, and rightfully so. But really the T1's are a hell of a lot more fun to listen to in just about every way , theres something about the T1 that just makes me come back to em.
Even though I prefer the T1, I would have to say the HD800, a few years ago I would have said HD600, but with the HD800's microdetail retrieval it cant be topped IMO.
Just got a hold of this album, shipping today! Have to say it's probably in my top 5 favorite albums of all time:     Been listening a lot to him now, anyone have anything similar?:
If you're listening to everything I suggest going with the Classic as its neutral and should be more versatile with everything. And to top it all off the Classic was designed around the T1 headphone so its a great match.
Corda Classic I really like with the T1 very neutral sounding and has the crossfeed feature which is useful. The M1 adds a nice punch in the low end, and really gives it a nice bassier sound, so if your looking for that I would go with the M1.
The Burson HA-160, wasn't a good match when I heard it with the T1, so if the soloist is similar sounding I don't know how well it would fair.
Meier Corda Classic, Musical Fidelity M1HPA, Woo WA2. These 3 are quite good with the the T1 IME.
Yea I ment the AudioEngine. I've heard the Maverick D1 a while ago and though it sounded decent, but I don't really remember . 
In my opinion the D1 as a DAC is okay at the price of $170, but I really dislike its headphone amp, its forward sounding and just doesn't sound that dynamic, I wish I had gone with the D7, as it supposed to be a good sounding amp/dac, though I can't compare them as I've never heard it. I regret buying the D1 personally and wish I had gone with something else... Just my 2 cents.
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