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very interested, doubt they will still be available. but pmd anyways
oh, well he wouldn't listen to me anyways and bought the bose, i want to buy a better can to compare to him and was really looking at the ath m50, but i was ready to pull the trigger 2 days ago on amazon when they were $114, then the went back up to $146, wtf!?
have you tried the bose ae2's? my friend wants to buy a pair but im trying to convince him otherwise...i suggested the dj 100's
hey, just wondering why you didnt include the jvc ha-rx 700's in the list. you mentioned them during your M-Audio Studiophile Q40 review, but there wasnt a seperate place for them. also the rx-500s, just wondering if you heard them and if so what you thought about them, thanks!
is there any thread like this for cans? would be interesting because this is a very nice one and helped me out alot, looks like the next iems ill be getting are the m9's looking at the review and ecspecially value rating here :)
hey guys, in the market for some cheap iem's and where wondering which I should get.  I know the marshmallows are great as i have had them before. (stepped on them, why im buying new ones D:) And I have heard the air cushions are much more comfortable.  I was just wondering if they had about the same sound quality, or if the air cushions are just mainly focused on comfort and not sq. Anyways, just looking for your guy's opinion on which you prefer and why, thanks!
  How much respect is it even possible to have after listening to ether anyways? lol Nas DESTROYED him...and I know what your talking about saying jay switched his style up. he used to rap reallr, really fast to the point that you couldnt even understand him but then he molded into his slower style.
I dunno if you ever heard of papoose, but this song shows of his lyracism, you might wanna check him out :)
yeah, oh here are some emcees that have alot of respect in the game but i haven't really gotten into listening to them just yet black dante (mos def), cannibus, and rakim (anyone nas makes a 'unauthorized biography abnout' has to be good lol)
Oh, so that's what that video was about lol I had no clue haha thanks for the info. But yeah the cool is definitely one of the bet CDs I own, every song is just great.
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