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WIll gladly take sensible offers at this point! PM me!
Bump, suddenly found this in my cupboard!.. I had forgotten about it!... any interest?
Ordered some Amperex Bugle Boy's in the end :)
I am such a muppet....!....   I didn't realise this amp has the 5751 feeding 2 EL84's!... oops! ( per channel ) Fitted my Siemens Triple mica 5751's and the difference is staggering... so much more detail / space... tonally more 'musical' can I say and they are not even broke in yet!   Now... what about those EL84's guys.... what's my wish list for those!?   Many thanks guys, am really surprised the difference this has made to my system.
Thanks guys :)...   Not sure what I current have in there... the stock ones!...   At least this gives me a starting point for discussions... have email'd audiotubes to see what they can suggest, I have used them in the past and they seemed pretty good. Any other good NOS suppliers?   One more stupid question, if you don't mind...   I assume the chances of getting a matched quad are remote so 2 matched pairs is what I need....   What if 1 tube blows.... do I get...
Hi guys, Been along time away!.. you know the usual story, loads of time on the forum when you have money in your pockets and less in between!? :)   So... please save me from 140 pages of reading!..   Am running the CS300 with LCD2's for a year plus now... awesome!!..   After running some iem's for a while the only thing I wonder is, if I am missing a little detail or mid to top end ?   I am of an age where I cannot hear anything over 15k ( probably lower ) and...
Bump! .. can't believe no one is interested in this class piece of kit!? Flea bay beckons... :(
Thanks onlychild, my mistake :( Have updated the post. Thanks
 ( 24/09/13 - Post updated with correct name and link to review - my apologies for the error )   Up for sale is my Red Wine Audio Isabellina Pro DAC / Amp - Audeze edition with Balanced Headphone Amp  ( WITHOUT LCD2's or cable )   I bought this from Item Audio approx 2 years ago. I upgraded about 6 months ago and have finally got round to selling this. I still think it is an excellent product, I have kept the cable and LCD2's to use with my new system.   Not sure...
James,   Firmware 1.2 - a great improvement thanks ( original was good too! )   Could I add a request for an enhancement if you deem this of value.   If I play track A and then start navigating to track B... while navigating the volume buttons do not work. If I want to adjust it, I can't without going into 'Playing' etc.   Would it make sense to enable volume controls while navigating?   just a thought!? :)   loving the X3 !   Martin
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