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ALCLAIR is now on ALCLAIR......for some neat and enjoyable pictures of products. Variety of colors and sound for in-ear monitors and the designs available.They say turn around of 14 days is norm. site is not 100% complete but I made contact with Marc and Amy ( or rather Amy who put me to Marc ) and it was great experience. Give them a chance if you can.
Thanks Joshua for your Alclair comments. They put me on the right track. Marc is very knowledgeable and customer service staff gets a 10 from me.
Thanks for this post on LiveWires. Made contact with Marc and had informative visit. Decided to invest in new Trips of Alclair brand he is developing. Very pleased with service.
I love in ear monitors and was concerned about cost. Let me encourage you to contact in Minneapolis. They are excellent in customer service and really helped me and our band. They do American Idol host and many others. Very good pricing. Good luck!
I suggest you contact on web or 8780 Jefferson Hwy, Osseo MN like I did and they did custon IEM for me and our band. I have been very impressed. They also have some new premium lines coming out I am anxious to learn about.  Best wishes Oh, I talked to a Marc Musselman and a Scott Ackerman at 800-933-9899. 
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