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A close call indeed! I find now that the louder I listen to music, the longer the period of rest I will need between sessions. So I might do something like, 20-30 minutes of listening followed by 5-8 minutes of quiet. Also, for those with the J3, I was considering getting that one, but the S9 had the better price and I figured the sound quality was about the same. Any thoughts?
As long as it's pretty good. I'm still using the stock sound card on my PC and it makes me sad. If these will get the job done, then it seems my next paycheck already has it's work cut out for it.
I'm almost afraid to measure the volume I listen at. Would anyone be able to recommend a good DAC/amp for under a hundred dollars? I would really like to be able to experiment with some really high end stuff, but I don't have the money :(.
Thanks for your help! I think I will indeed try out a headphone amp or dac on my computer to see if I can get a not necessarily quieter listening experience, but a different one.
Thanks for the input, I also probably could have been a little more specific in what I use. I just recently got a pair of the B&W P5s which I find that you really don't need an amp to drive because they can get plenty loud on their own. I don't know what it is though, ever since I started investing in more than stock headphones, I've always found that it has to be loud, otherwise I won't enjoy it as much; like the music doesn't have as much feeling at lower volumes. I do...
Hey all, I'm pretty new here but I was wondering what everyone usually keeps the volume on on their media players? Everyone always says mine is really high but I feel like you can't enjoy good music at low volumes. I have a Cowon that goes up to 40 that I keep on 35. Just thought it would be interesting to know how everyone else keeps theirs.
You really can't go wrong with the Klipsch Image S4. I'm on my second pair because the first one got destroyed but that was my fault. At a hundred dollar price point, they sound better than most pairs I've come across costing three times as much. Granted I've still not been able to experiment with as many pairs as I would like, but from what I have tried (Monster, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, etc) these always seem the most balanced and clear to me. But as always, they're...
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