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@Sarah Lol good point. That's cool though. Awesome actually. High fives. @Phoenyx1 It's funny because even my regular friends laugh at me when I buy new audio gear cause I keep changing my mind as my tastes change. Good to know she's...heard the...light. That phrase needs reworking. xD
Don't know what got me thinking, but I had always found headphones and audio gear to be a primarily male thing. Are there girls out there who are into it also? If they're here, please chime in. That would be cool. Forgive me if this post doesn't belong here or anything.
Most interesting. One of the more surprising things for me though, even more so than the iPhone being better than the S9, was the fact that all of the files on my iPhone are 128kbps, whereas on the S9, they're all at least flac or wav. Although I have to say, after spending a few more solid hours with the S9, I seem to have found one of the BBE settings that I really like, possibly enough to warrant keeping the device. Although I really like the iPhone, I prefer keeping...
Yea I think I have a few more days before Amazon's return policy is up. I think I owe it to the player a chance to prove to me that it can go toe to toe with my iPhone. Although with that logic it's kind of sad, because if it can't go toe to toe, it's going back, and if it merely can, it's going back. 'Twas a good fight. And thanks for the input guys! Glad to know I'm not going crazy :)
Wow, alright cool. I thought I was audibly retarded or something. That's probably not the correct phrase. In any case, I wonder if it's worth returning the Cowon and just primarily using the iPhone 4.
I just got a pair of B&W P5s, which I think are great, but I'm finding something weird. It's almost as if I'm getting better sound out of my iPhone playing 128kbps AAC files, then on the Cowon S9 I just got with BBE enhancements and .flac/.wav files. Maybe my ears are backwards?
I feel like if it were down to the Bose, Dr Dre's, and Skullcandys, I would go with the Dr Dre's. They sound much better than the Bose, and better than every Skullcandy headphone I've ever listened to.
That's true also, I've had the Turbines and aside from it being difficult for me to achieve a good fit, they were pretty decent.
I can't speak for the other ones, but I've had the Klipsch phones for a while now and they've never failed me. There isn't an overwhelming amount of bass, but there's certainly enough, IMO anyways.
Yea, I was thinking 32GB was starting to sound a little small, which is what I had on my Zune HD prior to the S9, but I had made the mistake of just blindly filling it with high bitrate .wmv albums instead of just picking songs that I wanted, as to not fill up the space so quickly. As it is now, I only have about half the capacity of the S9 filled up :)
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