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You can try the B&W P5s. I got them about a month ago and I'm in love with them. I always think the most enticing things about basically anything is build quality and these are beautiful, not to mention they sound sweet. Especially if you're pairing it with an iPod or macbook. Also they don't require an amp. :)
Hey, I live in NYC, would anyone else in the area know where would be the best place to go and try out really high end headphones? Thanks.
After owning the Aviators for about two weeks or so, I have to say they do sound very good, surprisingly good, and they look awesome, but the only thing that made me bring them back was the build quality. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't exactly make me feel too confident either. Too much of a plasticy feel.
You fiend! Jk, he's pretty alright.
I think the Klipsch Image S4 is gonna gonna be the best bang for your buck. I think they have something like a two year warranty, and at ~80 bucks, its not so expensive that you'll kill yourself if you lose them, but good enough to be a pretty decent, quality set of headphones.
How about we compromise and make them about anything that goes on, in, or around your ears that is favorable to classic rock. For IEMs, my favorite is the Kilpsch S4.
I already have a pair that I'm quite fond of, but I was very interested in the opinions of everyone here. Rock on.
The B&W P5s. They look like the sexiest thing ever in headphone form, AND I think they sound awesome.
Most interesting. I gotta get me to one of those exhibitions haha.
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again The Rolling Stones OR G&R - Sympathy for the Devil Most any Beatles tune   Rock on.
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