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I dunno, maybe it's not the case with the X7, but I just returned an S9 for a 4th gen ipod touch and I've been more than happy with the sound quality. I guess it just depends on your ear, but to me the touch sounded better than the cowon. Though to be honest, I don't know if the classic sounds the same as the touch or what have you.
I got the P5s not too long ago and I love them, totally agree with this review. However, I've emailed one of the representatives of B&W concerning replacement cables, and the prices I was told were $15 for the iPhone cable and $14.50 for the straight cable. Still a tiny bit pricey, but far from the $50 quoted in the review, though I did find it to be an excellent review.
You can give the Shure SRH440s a try. I've seen them for under a hundred at most online retailers. The only thing is that it has a long curly cord. I've used it with an iphone without an amp and it was driven fine.
woops, double post
Just listened to Santana's new album covering epic guitar songs. While My Guitar Gently Weeps is done beautifully.
I forgot to mention I was also looking at the Asgard from Schiit Audio, albeit a bit more expensive.
I was looking to up the quality of my computer listening experience and was debating between the Hi-Fi Man EF2A and the NuForce uDAC-2. Any thoughts one way or the other would be greatly appreciated :)
Yea I was also wondering what stores will let you load your own tracks onto any particular player. Also, I've found the same problem when I had my S9. I had it for about two weeks before I returned it for an iPod touch 4G. I like the sound on this a lot better and I use 320 mp3s and apple lossless. I had flacs on the S9, but like yourself, regardless of the EQ setting, it just wasn't cutting it. Disappointing, really. :(
I feel like all I do on this site is recommend the B&W P5s. Oh well. Here it goes again. I think they only have a two year warranty, but they also have the replacement cables, earpads, and what have you, available through their site. They're built with very durable materials, crafted beautifully, and clamp tightly to your head without losing any degree of comfort. I've been enjoying them for about a month so far. Happy listening xD
1. Klipsch Image S4 (or the P5s if I can bring them. If I'm allowed. lol) 2. iPod Touch 4G 3. The Beatles - Rubber Soul 4. Steak
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