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I've never had the opportunity to give the KSC-75s a listen, and while I'm sure they're quite good, it's possible that our ears and listening preferences aren't exactly the same and as a result, our mileage may vary. What do you think of the 440s?
I'd recommend the Shure SRH440 ($99) or the B&W P5 ($299). The Shure has excellent sound quality all over the place, but is more suited to a "stay at home" pair because of the giant curly cord, and though it is detachable, there's a special twist lock that makes it hard to swap it for a different kind of cable, though replacing for the same one in case of damage is simple. On the other hand, the P5s (which generally have mixed reviews on this site, though I find them to...
It's 2.5mm to 3.5mm.
  Honestly I had the Image One's for a while before getting the P5s. I thought they sounded pretty good, and though they seemed pretty durable, and they did look very cool, I was swayed by the sweet build of the P5s. Now, I do like the sound on the P5s a little bit better, though on sound alone it isn't worth the extra $150. However, if you want something that has great sound, AND has the build quality/durability to back it up, I would recommend the P5s hands down....
Sorry for posting in the wrong place. I was just wondering if the beats audio came with all the complaints of its headphone series of the same name do. It piqued my interest since I started hearing about it.
I know the beats headphones aren't the most popular around these parts, and with good reason, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the new HP laptops that feature "Beats Audio". Is it the same kind of sound, or is it better since you can use your own choice of headphones?
Check out the Klipsch Image One ($150), or if your wallet is feeling adventurous, the B&W P5s ($300) one of my favorite purchases ever.
I would also agree in splitting up your budget between earphones you can jog with and headphones you can simply listen to. As far as jogging, there are a bunch of relatively cheap Sony athletic buds and such that will stay on your ear and sound alright. For listening, you can go for the Klipsch Image One headphones. They're extremely comfortable, and sound fantastic for the money (~150 I believe)
An extremely agreeable review. As stated by a majority of those here, these are not the best sounding headphones ever. I happen to think they are very good, but that's just my opinion. Also, in my opinion, I feel like these headphones extend to something more than just headphones. They feel like a well worn hat and simply ooze comfort and class. More of a mobile companion that I'm happy to take with me anywhere I go. Unless of course it's raining, in which case they stay...
Seems like a solid choice, but may be a bit too pricey for my budget at the moment. I'd have to say $250 at the absolute max.
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