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So I was thinking of picking up a pair of the Sennheiser HD558 because of their mostly awesome reviews. My only concern is whether or not I will have to pick up a headphone amp. I like to listen to music loud and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Will my Macbook be able to crank these? Thanks.
I was actually just searching for a replacement via google and came across this thread. I also found this page that ships from the UK but equates to about $25 I believe.   Also, I had emailed product support for the P5s, and they ship directly for about the same price; I don't believe they get close to $50.
I actually picked up a pair of the SL99s a couple of days ago. They sound very good actually; decent soundstage. I only had a problem with the fit. They seem almost too big and fall out frequently, regardless of the ear tip size I tried.
Anyone hear anything about these? I just saw them on apple's website and then on amazon with no reviews.
Thanks for the info, that's the main thing I was wondering about, the sound quality differences. From what I've heard (and read) the LP's sound pretty good and if the M-80s best those than all the better. Might try picking up a pair to use as a back up.
Just came across a pair of v-moda m-80s in a store, haven't got a chance to try them out. Are these different than the crossfade LPs? Has anyone listened to them or have any opinions? Just curious. Checked v-moda's website and I found v-80s, but not m-80s.
+1 no worries, this makes perfect sense.  
LOL everytime I get on the bus I survey everyone's gear and end up with a mixture of disappointment because they're almost all apple earbuds and smugness because it makes me special. =D
I have a budget of about $200; I really don't want to go higher than that. I used to own the Monster Turbines but I didn't like the fit (even with the comply tips) and the treble always kind of irked me. I'm currently using the Klipsch Image S4s and I like them a lot but I can hear that they're on their way out and I'm looking to upgrade. I've been looking at the Sennheiser IE7s which are listed for $170 on B&H's website. Would these be my answer or are there some other...
So, build quality is usually one of the biggest factors for me when choosing to buy anything (cameras, cell phones, headphones, etc) and for the most part, I hate plastic. Even plastic that claims to be pretty durable. I just have a fetish for metal I guess. As a result, I was wondering what the opinions of the community were in terms of the best sounding IEMS constructed of metal.
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