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Soooo, I ordered some pads off ebay. Apparently the 90mm Replacement Ear Pads Ear Cushion For Razer Kraken Game Headphones fit perfectly. Still waiting on the foam discs that @Punnisher recommended to do a proper sound assessment; I'll poke a hole in the driver then, too. Initial impressions:    Visual: They look way nicer, aside from the orange center, which I don't love. It's growing on me though.   Fit: live a glove   Comfort: ear pads feel WAY more comfy than...
Yep, done that. Just waiting to hear back from some sellers on both amazon and ebay. 
Well the people at Shure were quite unhelpful.   Me - "Hi, trying to find some earcups to replace my current ones on XYZ headphones. Here are the dimensions to mine. I believe there are a few of yours that could work. Could you please let me know if a) you have earcups to match (or come close) and b) what the dimensions to HPAEC550 Replacement Ear Cushions are?"   Them - "Highly unlikely that Shure earpads will properly work on another brand"   Wow, really? With that...
@Punnisher No worries. I'll contact Shure directly, too. Here are some pics by the way.
Cool. I'll start with one hole and see how it goes.  @Punnisher Thanks. That's almost there. Do you mind sending me the dimensions of the SRH 550 pads? I think that might be closer in size to the originals.3.5" OD1.5" ID3" Mount ID 
Nice. I read a bit about this somewhere.  Think I'll want to chat with some head-fiers about how many holes I should put in. Or maybe this is a trial and error thing, with hopefully not too many errors on my end.
This is a long shot, but wondering if anyone knows of a good set of pads that could work for the Meze 88 cans. I recently dug mine out of storage to replace the drivers, and noticed that one of the pads is basically falling apart. Wanted to replace the stock pads with a set that would accentuate the lower frequencies and tame the higher frequencies. Bass is way too thin, and highs too bright after the driver replacement.  @Punnisher made some good suggestions which I'm...
@Punnisher   Thanks for the link. At a quick glance, the HPAEC550 pads look exactly like the ones on my Meze 88's. Would be great to get those dimensions from you if/when you get a chance. These might do the trick.   I'm ordering the disc pads separately as well. 
I wouldn't mind something more durable. The stock cables are a bit flimsy looking, but then again, so are these headphones in general. I guess I was secretly hoping to spend more money than I need to in false hopes of better sound quality from the cabling. Hmmm, maybe I'll do some research on if I can improve the SQ by applying one of the modding options out there.
@Punnisher   - Bringing this convo back out of PM just in case we're able to provide some info to some others. So I measured out the earpads that I currently have, and they're unfortunately not the same dimensions as your AKG's, but I did find some options online. However, the one thing I noticed in my search is that most of the pads I found have a much wider inner (the aperture) diameter. The dimensions for my current earpads are: 90mm outer front diameter, 35 mm inner...
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