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Thanks Aesch! I was hoping not to have to solder anything, as I'm not great at it, but since these headphones are old and falling apart anyway, I suppose it's worth giving a shot. Thanks for your tips. Greatly appreciated!
So I purchased a Belkin bluetooth audio reciever/interface, and wow is the sound quality bad. I know bluetooth degrades audio quality, but I didn't realize how much. What types of better options are out there? I've been taking a look at some sono's products, but any other suggestions?
  You should try and contact the company. Maybe they'll replace it as they did with mine. However, mine had issues right out of the box. Good luck!
Recently in the market for one, mostly to do band and dj set recordings via in the line-out of the Allen & Heath mixing board. TASCAM, Edirol and Nagra Audio were all recommended, although the Nagra Audio is a bit out of my price range.  Any suggestions?
and this is why I absolutely LOVE the head-fi community! thank you! yeah I was worried that the 1694a cables would be a tad too thick and not too flexible. I think I need to purchase the LC-1's.   sadly, they've never picked up the 3 or 4 times that I've called (during what I think are their office hours) and not a single email response. i'll keep trying.
I must have mistype my search in google or something. tons of pics there... just not many of the 1505 and 1694's
Wow, that was fast. Thanks a lot guys. You know, honestly, for some reason my google image search didn't yield any pics that I thought were satisfactory. I'll try again, and will check amazon as well.   Do you know how these would compare to say, AudioQuest cables? I have a few sets of those (as overpriced as they are) - sound great, just that I don't want them leaving the house. The BJC will more than likely be used for a semi "mobile" application.        
So I've been thinking about purchasing a set or two of blue jeans RCA cables, but my two attempts to contact them directly about pictures have come up empty handed (and honestly, the lack of ANY response is making me think twice about even giving them my business).... But, I'd still love to see what the cables look like. Their website has really terrible pictures. Can anyone help out?   Thanks in advance!
Love these headphones, especially since these are one of the rarer "albino" sets that aren't readily advertised online.... BUT I need cash for some other things I need to purchase. This and some DJ gear need to go.   They're brand new and work perfectly. I've burned them in for 40 hours using white & pink noise, 20-20000Hz frequency sweeps, 10-30000 Hz sweeps and 20-200 Hz sweeps. In addition I've used them for about 20 hours listening total.    The $225/obo...
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