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Heres a few more from my trip to the opium field..           
  I've called this one 'happy days' haha    An experiment with a self portrait. 
Another shot with the X10   
Got a little X10 today to carry with me at all times.          
Some more from the weekend.               
Thanks, just an experiment. My fave is the 3rd one with the blue wildflower. Love the simplicity of this... A bit of calm on a very windy day! 
Heres a wack of flower shots from the same lens today.               
changed my tele zoom to the (now very cheap) 55-200 vr. Its much better than my even cheaper Sigma version, plus it has the much needed VR!!    Shame I didn't notice till I got back home that I had the vr switched off... hey ho haha         I think the lens is very good quality even though it doesn't feel like it in the hand; rich colour, pleasing bokeh, very sharp and ultra portable.   
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