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I haven't bud.. The only thing I would say, is that the NAD will defo have enough power and with the slight leaning to warmth it should on paper be a good match. But pinch of salt required ;)
Defo, both my HD600 and HD800 sound amazing with my 3020 :)  The impedance on the NAD's from that era are a lot lower than most 70's amps. I think thats why they work better with different variances.   And yes, I always have the 'low level' on because you will get a better balance at low listening levels having more freedom of the volume pot. 
Great stuff, yes they make great hp amps ime. Does your 3020 have a 'low level' or 'audio muting' button? (not all of them did, think its the 'A' models that don't) only, your Grado's may sound better with the low level on. 
Thanks bud! 
So sorry. We are all with you in spirit. Your son will be as proud of you, as you are of him.    God bless. 
^Congrats, thats a lovely Pioneer. Looks in great shape too!  
Thanks, thats some great cameras you've got. Love the vintage look of the Fuji.  Yes I'd been eyeing the D90 as it gets nothing but great press, defo an end gamer! Just way out of my price league. I'll see how I get on with the kit lens and then maybe upgrade. I don't know anything about lenses yet... Got so much to learn! 
Sounds good to me :) Bloody expensive time of the year! But the kids enjoy it..   Anyways guys, the urge to buy another camera has beat me. I fought it best I could... Had a big fight with my wallet last night and it ended up storming out. Credit cards and all! Luckily I'm faster than it. A very clumsy rugby tackle followed and I soon had it on the ground in the front garden. Then after picking up my visa card and swivelling it in it's hand 'Eastwood' styley, it stood and...
Heres a classic.    The delicate yet confidently relaxed approach mixed with his aptitude to add so much light and shade, makes Mozart's twinkles even more interesting than normal. An absolute joy from start to finish.      Apologies if this has already been posted on here... If it hasn't then it should have been!! :D
I used to have some Tannoys in the 90's, cracking little speakers they were.   
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