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Thanks :) Not HDR, just lightroom tweaks. Couldn't live without lightroom now!  I've been putting off getting a wide angle zoom as I don't particularly like the distortions on many photos I've seen. So I went for the Tokina that has a really narrow zoom range and has been described as being more like a prime with fine tuning. I'm very impressed with it so far.   
Another lens for my collection... Just for those extra millimeters when needed. (Tokina 11-16)       
I'm enjoying reading this portrait journey.   Heres another landscape interlude with some experimentational help from lightroom :D    
And some more photos...          
50mp's! that'll be like 100 thousand pixels per skin pore for portraits :O      I personally think its too much of a jump. Its a pixel war again and they have stamped over the reigning champ - D810 (36million). I bet the cameras are slower dealing with the processing. Plus you probably won't see much difference on the average computer unless you are a serious cropper.    But if you are producing large prints then...     just my two cents :)
And a few more...        
yes yes my mistake its the Sigma 17-50 fixed 2.8 My kit lens was the 18-105. I hear what you are saying about the similarities with a standard zoom. But I've done a lot of research on this lens and I can tell quite a difference in quality already. My Nikkor was way too slow indoors for moving kids without having at least 1600 ISO at wide open. The D90 starts to get noisy after 800 ISO... The DOF is much better at fixed especially at 50mm in comparison and I can get real...
Wow that is heavy! My new lens has come this morning (Sigma 2.8 17-55) and after playing with it a bit, I think I should be ok. Shot my son running around inside with wide aperture and ISO as little as 400 and I'm not getting blur. I'm also liking the focal isolation I can easily get now. (all unprocessed)   
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