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Just a couple more from this busy wkend.           
                Bunch from this mornings shoot of... Newcastle! 
Yes backwards indeed, think I was drunk when I wrote that haha (I'm often drunk on here...)   Seriously good photos and no offence was meant as I was just trying to be objective - 'Columbo styley' to try and guess the camera. (which I did!! :D) Yes the Fuji's contrasty tone works great with street stuff, especially in monochrome. 
Heres a few from a local museum/town, that is set in the late 19th century. Lovely place to visit - I've added a dark twist :O                 
Really like this bud, great light and atmosphere. 
My guess is something like a Fuji X pro1?  dunno.. they seem to have Fuji contrast traits.  Anyone else? Without cheating? They are very nice but you can tell by the saturated whites and overblown colors they aren't top notch. Soz bud - but they great shots none the less :)  And then I went back and clicked onto the pic to get a better look. It took me to his/hers flickr page. And I was right hahaha I don't care if anyone believes me.. !! True!   
Just for the record I defo noticed a change over time. Everything settles down. Now superb headphones - keepers :)   Second best headphones I've owned after the HD800. Even then I could understand some enjoying these more depending on source etc.  
Heres a few more from my trip to the opium field..           
  I've called this one 'happy days' haha    An experiment with a self portrait. 
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