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Yes Lachenmann, Luigi Nono's student and you can tell. Look also at the Col Legno recordings and also ECM new series for a brilliant live recording of is opera     Well I'm now the proud owner of the Ligeti Teldec box set :D    And I am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm thinking that the recorded sound is better and more spacious than the Sony (but I need to go back to the Sony to check)   Lovin...
Don't think I've ever heard/read anyone seriously claim this?  
They're both held very high with me as well. I would also add Harrison Birtwistle as well. Thats amazing that you've met them. I would love to sit and have a chat either of those mighty composers.     Listening to this at the moment. And is another highly recommended collection for anyone who likes Prokofiev.  His complete symphonies conducted by Dmitri Kitaenko. Prokofiev's symphonies are still underappreciated imo. I like them more than Shostakovich's. 2nd only to...
Thats cool bud! 
'By your side' is my fave album, but they're all good.      For me they are pure rock n' roll. And are the only band to good enough to challenge the Stones.    (great with the HD800 of course :)    
Same here buddy  
^^ Absolutely!    Heres an all time fave recording of mine of Barber and Korngold. This is one of my faves for testing new equipment. Its such a great recording both sonically and in performance.   Two truly great early 20th century concertos. (especially Barber - the andante gives me shivers every time.. )   
In all honesty buddy, you'll be hard to find many amps that are better through the hp out than old NAD's (IN MY EXPERIENCE!)  You've struck gold very early.  
That would explain a lot actually. Maybe that is why I'm getting such a black backround. It would also explain why my Grado's sound great aswell !.. That is very helpful information thank you.  Look forward to impressions once he has done his thing. 
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