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Thanks :) 
 s p o o o o k y!       
Snuck out this cold and sleepy Sunday morning, stumbled upon an old spooky church...         
Hah! I have the magazine, it was in December. I recognise the photo straight away!  Canon 5D mkIII 85mm 1/2000sec at f/2 ISO200  (just hunted it out) Brilliant photo and well deserved to be published. :) 
haha  But I've just checked again and I'm afraid your EXIF is telling fibs...  (now don't say the camera never lies )
Probably the worst timing ever to post a mediocre portrait.... (onform is now hailed the king of portraiture!)     This was zoomed then cropped and then vignite.. viggne... vineger... **** it - I added some lightroom fading at the corners 
Took her out for a quick spin to my nearest photographic spot "the bridge" (apologies for more bridge photos)           
As above my friend.  Boys like new toys!  But yes, lenses are important... This is what I need now. 
Now that was spooky!! Only the lens is the 18-105 vr.. you were very close with the settings as well f/4.2 ISO635 1/2 sec   Still, very well done that man :)    I was torn between getting the D90 (2nd hand) or new 3200 (same price depending on kit lenses) but went with the older spec in the end. Pleased I did as I can now look at the whole range of Nikon lenses. Plus I'm able to practice much easier on full manual without everything being done through the menu on the lcd....
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