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Very true!  But my experience with the K712 was that the bass annoyed me to begin with and then I got used to it...Then I really enjoyed it.  But after listening to other headphones more recently - There's just too much 'warmth' for me again.
      These are from yesterday. Sunshine and showers brought some nice light changes. 
Congrats! enjoy
I've dredged this thread back up from its slumbering sleep in the vaults of head-fi for a reason.     I'm back with my beloved K702's. And guess what?? They sound better now than ever!! (China made) Only the HD800 out of my headphone stable have been a better headphone for what I want. But there isn't much in it I promise you.   I paid, £108 for the k702... I paid £1000 for the hd800.   .....  
Max out windows all the way :) Reason being that you'll keep all the digital data. Once it's analogue it doesn't matter. I have no idea what the Focusrite interface is (no offence!) but if it is converting the signal then you want to give it the most possible. 
I think you will be happy with the sound. I am :) They are also a good compliment to the K712, a nice change without too much of a contrast in sound sig. A little airier and drier and with this I prefer the 702's for large orchestral stuff. The treble is much better now over the earlier sets. The plasticky tone in the upper mids has gone. They still have plenty of AKG bite, but the tonality is now much more realistic. 
It depends on how old your K701's were as both the K701/2 sound similar very similar. But if you compared an older (7bump for e.g) version of either, the imaging is much more focused now and the bass is well balanced. The earlier versions had an unnaturally stretched sound stage width and not much low end. Having said that I'm still fond of the earlier ones as they were quite unique and fun for some type of music. The AKG's respond well to EQ'ing as well so adding a little...
Since buying my K712 (about 5 month ago) I've bought two other pairs of headphones (because that's what i do :) my second pair of K702 (and 6th K/xxx) - and the AD900x.    The K712's sound like huge 650's compared to both these headphones... The K712's have a spike in the freq response and it looks bigger than what it actually sounds. If you had the same spike with a flat lower end then it would be painful. If you compare the AD900 and K712 the treble on the AKG is much...
Don't know why this thread is so quiet compared to others... Jeez these are the best headphones below the HD800!!   Suppose some secrets are best kept.. :)  
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