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My first attempt at night photography... With (as always) some help from lightroom.  
 My son and a portrait of my daughters sausage dog :)    
Heres a bunch more from saturdays shoot                  
Heres a few from today        
Yes I'm afraid it's terminal with me.. I like new toys haha   But my love for the original K701/2 is stronger than I thought. Just snapped some more original 7 bump K701's (8xxx) and I couldn't be happier!    Don't get me wrong regarding the K712's though. I would still recommend them as an amazing all rounder for those who appreciate the HD650 but want a bit more of everything. The treble especially is spot on - better than the hd800 imo.   No getting away from it,...
Just snapped up some 7 bumpers this week. Had a few pairs of these over the years but these are the earliest. 88xx serial and absolutely mint condition. Over the moon!    They sound amazing too. I had recently bought some new china made K702's and so its been nice to compare them..    The K702's - more comfortable, softer pads. The sound is slightly more focused, the center image is more centered (but only very slightly) - They are a smidge brighter and with a little...
Very true!  But my experience with the K712 was that the bass annoyed me to begin with and then I got used to it...Then I really enjoyed it.  But after listening to other headphones more recently - There's just too much 'warmth' for me again.
      These are from yesterday. Sunshine and showers brought some nice light changes. 
Congrats! enjoy
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