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The HD600 are 300 ohms so they appreciate a high impedance amp. Your Onkyo will have a much higher impedance value than the very low/high current Magni. This is only one factor of course but a major one imo. My advice would be, if you like the sound out of your Onkyo, maybe keep an eye out for an even better vintage amp :) I've owned the Magni and all though it is a great amp in regards to price/performance, it doesn't come close to a decent vintage amp. And you don't need...
Enjoying this, I've not heard any Biber before. (That dissonance  - crazy for the 17 century!)
aaahh ignore me, I'm just trying to keep up with the thread.   I contribute with a bit of nonsense every now and then...         (If you plug your HD800 into a vintage NAD amplifier- you won't need to be on here as much. This is what happened to me!. ;) 
This is my recommendation for the much appreciated Arvo Part.    I'm choosing this recording over the many (more popular) available because it is a brilliant document of what Arvo Part is imo, and why he is such an important composer(It spans about 20 years of works). His music for me represents what most of us missed because we weren't around 500- 1000 years ago. By that I mean - his music is as pure as it gets and for the most part (no pun intended :) is based on...
Yup, we'll let him off with that one... But I do hope he takes on board what I've said before he tackles 'the well tempered clavier' !!    
I would also add to the above great recommendations, Simon Rattle and the BPO. It's also a great and dynamic recording.
I hid mine because it has two number three's... And they looked like two sets of boobies.** 33 ** 
Nope, tis not bright - the recording is, if it is... And I'm afraid that they are indeed 'end game' if you want a transparent headphone. :D
One of my all time favorites :D    Harrison Birtwistle - Earth Dances.    No one else writes music like Birtwistle and not many understand it... But plenty of people buy it! For me it seems he has a very simple ideology but he communicates it through his own unique and very complex means. My advice to anyone approaching his music is to just listen. Just listen with no preconceived ideas. For me, he touches very deep, primal deep... There are no social or political...
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