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Few experimental shots of the kid :)               
Few shots with the new Olympus omd-em5 (14mm, 25mm and 7.5 fisheye)                 
These were all taken with the Fuji X20. Cracking little compact for street photography.             
Its very quiet in here...   Heres some shots from this weekend.                  
heres a few more..                  
I would say it was maybe a little tighter yes.. Might have been because there was less? My RS1i had similar bass as the 225e from memory. For me Grado's have punchy bass that you feel but there is always some bloom at the bottom simply because of the very open design.  
I also read that thread a while ago - its very uselful!  Do you still own the 225e or have you upgraded?  I've had mine for a few month now and have so far resisted upgraditis... If I where it would be for the RS2e. However, the fact that I haven't yet just shows how good the 225e really are! I owned the 225i a few years ago and I'm enjoying the "e" a lot more. I'm reading a lot of mixed impressions regarding the change to 'e' drivers and it seems the 225/325 and RS2 are...
I'd say if you can afford the HD800 and want the ultimate hifi cans then just buy them. They are amazing. But I would also add that if you are happy with the hd650/600 then don't bother.. Save the crazy money for a better dac/amp. I listened to nothing but the hd800 for two years and enjoyed every moment. But I've spent the last 8 months or so owning only mid price cans and I'm honestly not looking back! The novelty wears off after a while owning the best... And I like new...
I said "closed soundstage" :) for an open headphone anyhow.. (lcd2) 
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