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Bach is the God of music :D
Talking about budget components I've just done a favorable review of this :)    Nice little starter Dac that is an alternative to the Modi. 
Yes, full respect for Boulez. A major contribution (and huge influence) to classical music over the past 70 years or so. His own music is still to be fully appreciated and is in a class of its own imo- with what is and has been relevant in "contemporary" or "modern" classical music.     Happy 90th! 
I'd always recommend the Matrix M stage for the all the top Senn's for a first amp. It's very good for the money - especially after a little fine tuning with op amps (personal choice involved).   My favorite hp amp that I've used with HD600/650 is the old X Can V3 (with tubes of choice). Brilliant soundstage and depth but it is a little bright at the top so it depends if this is a sound you want.  
Just want to add.. I'm not advocating anyone to try old amps instead of dedicated hp amps, as there is quite a bit of luck and work involved in vintage stuff. (see the vintage thread for details)   But I will say that newer isn't always better. The HD600 is testimony to that.
Good stuff :) And no offence taken bud 
Well "good" is ofcourse subjective my friend :) But I've had amps from Schiit, Audio GD, OTL designs, many SS at the lower end. And they all have their qualities. But no amp that I have tried sounds as good as the ole NAD's. But hey, thats just my preference :)   Your statement of 'tonal balance at the expense of detail, definition, articulation, and transparency' paints a very different picture to my experience. Did you have them serviced? Cleaned etc? Cap's don't last...
Currently plugged into a vintage NAD 3225PE. And a NAD 3020 for my bedroom rig.  Done a lot of amp rolling and these old guys have a tone that is very special imo. :)
Just wanted to repost this photo after I've changed the processing a bit. It's one of my faves and the man in the frame is my photo buddy who I go out on trips with. He's been doing it for years and is currently armed with a D750. I've learned a lot from him and I'm trying to persuade him to get onto Flickr.  
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