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Same here buddy  
^^ Absolutely!    Heres an all time fave recording of mine of Barber and Korngold. This is one of my faves for testing new equipment. Its such a great recording both sonically and in performance.   Two truly great early 20th century concertos. (especially Barber - the andante gives me shivers every time.. )   
In all honesty buddy, you'll be hard to find many amps that are better through the hp out than old NAD's (IN MY EXPERIENCE!)  You've struck gold very early.  
That would explain a lot actually. Maybe that is why I'm getting such a black backround. It would also explain why my Grado's sound great aswell !.. That is very helpful information thank you.  Look forward to impressions once he has done his thing. 
I personally think that most of the people who talk about badly recorded Rock/Metal - aren't fans. Or only own a dodgy compilation of 'Rock Ballads' haha   It's absurd to say that any genre of music is always badly produced. My beloved Black Crowes albums are all faultless for what they are intended to be, and so are QOTSA for a more modern example. Good bands know how to produce a good sound - no matter who is doing the actual mixing or mastering. For ***** sake how else...
When the HD800 first came out it had the same amount (probably more) of bad press as well as good - but look at it now!    A true test of any great component is time.    The problem with early reviews and quick impressions is that it only ever takes one criticism and then a seed is planted. It will then grow like wild flower through the community. Especially when folks need an excuse not to by another headphone or feel threatened by a newcomer that could possible be...
Aww man you just spoilt it for me    Anyway, heres me trying out the HE500's. Bit heavy, but then I'm not even two yet..    (yup my son :)
I'm sure you will have these two, but they also come highly recommended for anyone wanting to get into Carter's soundworld.   Carters only opera "What Next" written around the same time as his Symphonia and this is another great - and I think underrated work. The Asko concerto (above on Bridge) was written a year later and is another example of his late writing style. Still typical Carter with his unique- complex tapestries, but these later works are more accessible than...
haven't heard this, will have to check it out thanks
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