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Lookin good! 
Two of my favorite Elektra's..   This one is always a surprise for anyone who hasn't heard it me thinks. Ozawa probably wouldn't be anyones first choice for Stauss and its arguable that Behrens hasn't got what it takes for the role. Decide for yourself, but I think it works well. Ozawa conducts very cleverly, building tension slowly and bringing out a bit more light and shade in the score rather than going all out bombastic as some conductors approach this fiercest of...
^^^nice!   Brilliant musician and quite a composer himself. 
Hah I Iuv this!  
Its a purchase that I'm probably going to make anyway but thanks for the offer bud- appreciate it :) Even if it is a minor improvement then I know it will be good!   
I'd agree that the hp out of the beresford's is not ideal for the HD800. However, as far as 'added' hp outs on dacs go it is really quite good with lower impedance cans. It has a very refined sound and a nice bottom end, very smooth. The BM and AKG's is a good match imo. Far too thin sounding with the HD800 though... It just ain't got the juice man!!    In regards to the Caiman, I'm defo interested in the mark II. I've owned the mark I for a number of years and still...
Great stuff thanks for sharing that bud :)
I'm in that club bud ;) I see you now have the Caiman II, how does it stack against the BM II? With the HD800 of course :) 
Congrats :)  That is very similar in how I described my first experience with them. I had the K701 and HD600 on hand at the time so I wasn't blown away with the soundstage width (coming from the AKG's) but the depth and imaging was defo a mind blower! ;) I've always said that the HD600 are the next best thing to the HD800. 
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