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Yeah the problem with all vintage amps is that because they are old the sound can vary dramatically between the same models depending on the condition inside. Dying capacitors can really dull the sound compared to an amp that hasn't had much use for instance. Always clean the pots and switches with contact cleaner as there will be a build-up of oxides if it hasn't been serviced in a long while, this can make a dramatic difference too as the signal travels through all pots...
Streaming it now. Lovin it!  
I love Prokofiev and I think I'm in love with Janine Jansen...     The Sonata for violin and piano No1 on this recording is worth the price of admission.                                                                
There was a difference between my SX550 receiver and SA508 integrated. Both where around the same price range, but the receiver was warmer and smoother with a heavier bottom end. The 508 was more sprightly and resolving. The latter is from the late 70's and the former around the mid 70's.    
Well that looks like a perfect example of what you can get for little money. It's a beauty! I love the black and silver look of those. 
I thought that they only used sound quality cancelling technology... :D 
Agreed, it is a great recording.  
Nope never heard of this before..  Are they new? Sounds like a fault to me. Are you able to show us some pics?
You could try opening the amp up and spraying on all of the pots and switches as it is likely a build up of oxide if one channel is low. This may be all that a service center might do and you can do it yourself very easily :) Theres loads of info on the net on how to do it :)   If this doesn't work and the noise is still there, then it may be a faulty capacitor. This is where you do need some skill in...
haha Gould's humming and refusal to use WD40 I can cope with.. But Arrau's breathing... That took me a long time    
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