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provided the tips havent been used at ALL :)
i am an owner of w3's   how much to send it to australia (cheapest possible!)     thanks!
 To answer both of your questions (as a proud owner of these brilliant iems), the highs are NOT harsh or sibiliant AT ALL given that you have the right tips in for your ears. Fit is of paramount importance as I said earlier, and I did hate the sound with those stupid shallow silicone tips which added massive sibilance but the complys are perfect and trust me, as a musician, everything sounds great. The source is going to be your biggest limiting factor here! Don't bother...
 Yes, if you purchase them from an authorized reseller (check with the exclusive Australian westone distributor called national audio, they can tell you the closest one to you) they have a 5 year warranty upheld by national audio. I am 100 percent sure of this as I had a legnthy chat with the owner of national audio. If you need I can dig up the details of his email if you can't find them on google. I got mine for $415 but you have to haggle the price down like I did.......
I have had my westone 3's for 3 weeks now and while I did notice the slight midbass hump at first, it is now far less apparent and I am totally in love with these things! when I return to my sennheisers I literally laugh at how bad they are in comparison!   As i'm sure you have noticed, it is CRITICAL to use the right tips FOR YOU, as I experienced a harsh sibiliant highs, muddy bass and artificial sounding mids with the olives and silicone tips and it sounded like I...
5 year warranty here in Australia    Lucky Us!
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