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By far overpriced cables. http://www.noiseaddicts.com/2008/11/most-expensive-speaker-cable-world-audioquest-audiophile/ ^ like that one
They should nickle? Chrome? plate all plugs like this one,last longer,doesnt corrode and doesnt look cheezy. Pffffff gold conectors
I had a discussion with a classmate one day saying those REALLY had subwoofers in them. I told him that that would be highly unliky seeing as you would need 1)Alot more power. 2)The need for a crossover design. 3)And an extra super large driver,and there just isnt enought space for it. He still thinks they actually got subs in them
Thanks for keeping track of this interesting fact. After 30 years it might be time for a better standard than redbook for higher sample rates and stuff. First CD i ever bought was I think the Man-Machine from Kraftwerk after falling in love an LP version my brother bought a few weeks earlier(massivly warped tho).
  Just like there are too many "Is burn in real?!!11","Looking for BASS heaphones" threads,but you get used to it But having a million"Beats are overated" doesnt really add anyingthing of value to the forums I agree.
Hello fellow head-fi-ers! I got lended a AKG K501 to solder a new plug on it,but i also noniced the right channel being a bou 5-7% softer than the left. Any possible causses/remedies for this? I am pretty shure i connected it right(Channels are right and earth is connected to earth.) Can it have something to with the resistance of the wire or solder(eg me not doing it right) Hope to hear some opinions. Also the headphone sounds georgous,So much seperation in...
Should be a solid idea for their DJ and hi-fi phones. I vote yes!
Hello again head-fiers! Can anyone help me identify what this is for sure?Its my new room having some wierd reverb like response.It's like the sound is repeating itself a few times after i clap. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/45341964/Room%20accoustic.WAV EDIT:Is this "flutter"by any chance too?
http://memebase.com/2012/02/24/internet-memes-oh-nice-phones-bro/comment-page-1/#comment-676972 Hooray i was first! Anyway on my school having beats is the pinnacle of sound. . .yeah right. And IF I show some friends something else they are like "Just like the beats headphones"(like any beats headphone is in ANY way innovative) or "beats have better bass" or the classic "Those are cr*p,my beats have Moar bass" Anyway like I stated its a mediocre sounding fashion...
Can't say more then:Amp takes more,space but allows alot of differens speakers to be used. My diamond9.0 and my Cambridge audio topaz am5 sound wonderfull. Got the AM5 for 120£ and the speakers for only 40£.
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