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How is the PX360 as far as value goes?  For some reason I've been intrigued by it, but, as I'm looking for new headphones, I think that there might be significantly better options
kyuuketsuki, How is the comfort, build quality, etc. on each of them?  What other headphones are they similar to, in size and sound quality (and what would be significantly better alternatives)?  Sorry, I'd just like a bit more information since, last I checked (which was awhile ago), there was next to nothing online about these headphones.
I've been looking for a good "first" pair of headphones and these are the latest ones I've found, glad to see a new review of them.  I just had a few questions about them:   How portable are these (good for on the go use, good sound quality without an amp, etc.)? How is the comfort and fit?  And how long would "extended listening periods" be?   I've been trying to find a pair with good value, quality, portability, and comfort and were hoping these would work. ...
  It's got a pretty long cable, and I was a bit worried about that - care to comment about it?  Also, would these are comfortable enough to wear for 5/6 hours nonstop?   Anyone else care to mention any similarly-priced warm-sounding alternatives?
Could anyone recommend a good pair of headphones in the $150 price range (these would be my first good headphones)?  Something on the warm side (pretty sure this is the term I'm looking for) that produces smooth vocals, great mids-lows with a nice bass (but not booming).  Must be portable enough (not overly bulky), comfortable (also, I have glasses) with a quality build, and looking great would be nice too.  Also, I won't be using an amp.
How is the sound leakage on them?  Good enough for the library?  I've been looking to pick up a pair of quality portables and these look like a great buy so far.
Did anyone ever end up trying out the Maxell DHP-III?  Just curious about thoughts on these, as I've been looking for an affordable set of quality (and comfortable with little leakage) headphones for a reasonable price (so far I've only got Meelec HT-21 on my list).
Can anyone comment more on any of these headphones?  How is the actual sound from them?  I noticed there was no headband cushion - are they comfortable/can be worn several hours straight (also, if you know how they work with glasses, let me know)?  And is the build quality good?  Finally, would you say these have very good overall value?  I would be listening to a wide variety of music off of a laptop and mp3 player - I've been looking around for a pair of good,...
Can anyone give their thoughts on these headphones:  Creative HQ-1600, Audio-Technica ATH-SJ11, and MEElectronics HT-21.  I've seen joker's review of the HT-21, but not very much information on the other two.   I'm currently looking for some good budget headphones to be used on pretty basic sources (laptop, mp3) that aren't very big or bulky but are more on the portable side.  Other suggestions would be nice as well.  I listen to a pretty wide range of music, and...
Hi,   I'm new to all this headphone business and really wanted to get myself a good pair, but before I start looking harder, I was just wondering if someone could explain exactly how bad the sound leakage is in some of the good open headphones (like a Grado, for example).  Just curious as I don't have much experience with them.
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