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 Not so simple if you have fit issues or defects in your IEMs. Gregorz will support you but you have to jump through hoopes and ship back to a proxy which in turn will cost you a lot more due to shipping charges. Just food for thought.
 I think anyting compared to the ER4s can sound like bloated bass lol ;)...
I felt the Stage 2 was the most neutral of all 3. I liked the Stage 2 the second best :).
 Yep its the free incontinence feature on the DX100 (oops I crapped my pants ;)...
 Of course there is JH Audio, Ultimate Ears and some others.  I'm not sure if their sound signatures will be what you are looking for though. Only you can decide that. Its generally a gamble no matter how you put it.
Still the old unit is in my top 5. It was hard to believe things could have improved upon as is at the time.... I was quite skeptical regarding the new unit and it took me a couple days to get accustomed to it (also the burn in played a big roll in that).
@ Ripvanlink I think the X5 does have the ability to sort music by Genre?
lol :P.  
Actually that's a dead bird. It died from extreme constipation and delusions of grandeur (full of sh*t)... :P So dogs have gas? Can't recall any of our animals passing gas... Must be the tofu burgers you're feeding him/her. 
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