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 You have bigger issues at hand if you were to be listening to them that loud in the first place. I'd say you'd be damaging your ears if they were making enough external noise to be bothersome to someone next to you....
 But Gintaras it's not that simple. CIEMs generally won't yield you that perfect fit on the first try. It generally entails refits and sometimes multiple refits. I'm not exactly sure why he keeps asking the same old questions pretty much but I'll bite ;). If he's read earlier on in this thread a few people have made comparison of the 1Plus2 having a similar sound signature to the TH900.
 Ok 1Plus2 it is then. 
 lol :P
My CIEM was actually $1700+ :P.   I think the SE5 with the DACport LX and Triad L3/Firestone PSU sounds fantastic. Very good pairing and it opens them up very nicely. I'm currently waiting on my AK120 S mod and the UHA760 to come in to see how they pair for portable listening.
Here's a link to my review as well :P
Hi everyone. I also apologize for taking a while to do the review. I've also been quite busy and finally put some time aside to do the review. I hope the review is somewhat helpful for you folks.   Thanks :)
 To my knowledge the Studio BA and Dynamic firmware on that thread is the most current (stable) firmware available. I'm not sure if you are using the newest firmware (which I found to be too buggy to use). That is why I mentioned getting the firmware from there. I got my current firmware from that thread and had no issues loading it and reverting between the BA, Dynamic and even the newest one that Jack had provided me. Just I reverted back to the older one as it worked...
Could be the AKG3003 you are talking about?
I just call it as I hear it. My take on it all is what can the manufacturer bring to the table to impress me and to improve my audio experience. It isn't the other way around if you take my meaning. I felt the AK100 had bloated bass and boosted highs (lower treble and upper mids). It lacked dynamics and sounded congested to me.
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