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 Some birds just make way too much noise anyways ;).
Very awkward design.... Not sure what I'd equate them to lol. Looks more like a nozzle for drinking water :P.
 Curdled cheese.
I think someone else deserves the title of long-winded queen ;). Reading books would be shorter.
It is possible but diminishing returns are rather high at this stage in the game and with the IEMs I have now I just don't see it to be worth spending more money at this point in time. I just simply don't have that desire like I use to. Thank goodness ;).
 No it just sounds even better amped. Kinda like when I use to amp the DX100 with the T1 ;).
 I virtually have it glued to my AK120 :).
 I think you have more custom IEMs than he does maguire :). Well about even now if you consider his dirt-cheap NT6 (lucky bastard lol).
 I was more under the impression that ram would actually replace hard drives making things much faster. In a sense that is already happening with SSDs as they are indeed memory chips. My SSDs have made me very impatient ;).
 There is no loss in sound quality when converting from WAV to FLAC and FLAC to WAV. Basically you have all the bits still and can unzip the FLAC file back to its original state in WAV with 0 loss in quality. Just WAV takes up more space and most would rather use FLAC for that benefit plus tag support. You can use Foobar to convert between the formats. I use it all the time especially for 24 bit material. Foobar has quickly become one of my favorite programs, along with...
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