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  My review is up :P.   http://www.head-fi.org/products/fiio-x5-high-res-portable-music-player/reviews/10364
 Did you demo with 335 or did you buy one? :).
 lol you might have been listening to his 1Plus2 with uber cable if he mentioned keeping that cable straight because it can break if you bend it too much. With the old silver and gold cables you would have no such issues with breaking them... It sounds like you really enjoyed the 334. A very intimate and thick sound.
 Hmm when you mention the IEM not having any weight that makes me wonder? The bass does add quite a bit of weight to the sound for me. The treble is on the thinner side though. They require some good power though to get the bass thumping :).
 10 hours is pretty good IMO for the size and power output of the player. Joe did mention the battery life improving slightly when they lower the idle power from 9mAH to 4 mAH. I was concerned about this impacting the sound in any way and he said it would not alter the power being used while the player is being used so there should be no change in sound. 
How long is the battery life for you? I haven't extensively tested it but I've used it for days (not necessarily long hours mind you) but the battery life barely drained during the course of 3 or 4 days of usage. That is very impressive considering how pedantic I am with changing tracks. Usually I drain batteries very fast by doing this. Then again I've been really enjoying the music from this unit that I don't switch music as often. The micro detailing is thus far the...
Lins got it. It's a new level of audio quality where portable Audio is concerned IMO. It hangs up there with $1,500+ home dacs. I still don't have an amp to use 100% of its potential....   But we digress :P. The X5 is superb for what it is. As Paris Hilton said in south park "I want it, I want, it I want it!" lol ;).
 Hmm it's hard to say for sure. Synergy could also play a roll in it. I'd say it isn't a night and day difference, with the AK120 still having the edge overll (but not really justifying the price premium). But 1Plus2 definitely would show the difference between these two players. I think the X5 is the more versatile player overall and has more power. But where the AK120s true power lies is in the S-Mod. At that stage they are not even comparable and it's not fair. That is...
You have the option to turn the button function for volume and track-switching on or off in the settings menu. This is extremely handy because you can switch tracks and raise or lower the volume without activating the screen (just like the AK series). Personally the Fiio UI is better than even the AK series IMO. Not night and day but there is definitely more features and it is as smooth if not smoother. AK really has its work cut out for it IMO. At the prices they sell at...
You're welcome :). I'd have to say the Sui gets the most usage out of all my gear. the X5 brought that spark back for me yet again :).
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