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 A tranny? ;).
 Brooko if you have dropbox go ahead and upload some of those files to me so I can check them out. As I said if you can take a screen shot of a list of some of your files (say an album) and either post that here or to me in PM. I bet I can find out what is wrong. As I said earlier I had 2,500 songs on my player (pretty much all FLAC at that point) on a 64 GB Sandisk micro SD card. My unit only took 45 seconds to boot each time. So there is something causing your longer...
 No I had the RWA AK100 and I didn't like it much at all. Felt it was a downgrade next to the 3rd ANV.
 lol on April fools day :).
 Nothing works as well as H20 to clean such a mess. We'll send you over along with some peroxide :P.
 Unless there's some natural ear wax build up ;).
The Calyx does look quite interesting indeed. Maybe I can borrow that as well..... 
The tera is a good player though Gintaras although I don't think I'll buy one. I've had a unit on loan for months now and I can tell you I've only used it for 4 hours or so during that time. I simply like the AK120 that much more. But when using it on the SE5 I can definitely see the appeal. That pairing made me have second thoughts about it. But I figure take it to the next level and get the S mod :).
So what IEMs are you using now with your toys burt?
Flat 4 Sui.
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