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I just call it as I hear it. My take on it all is what can the manufacturer bring to the table to impress me and to improve my audio experience. It isn't the other way around if you take my meaning. I felt the AK100 had bloated bass and boosted highs (lower treble and upper mids). It lacked dynamics and sounded congested to me.
Probably not, I'm assuming it is slightly more refined sounding and has more features. Such as multi gain, multi cross feed as well as a digital pot for channel balance at very low volumes. I preordered the amp. Figure if it doesn't suit me, I can always sell it and recover most of my money back anyways. Leckerton has always been up there for me starting with the UHA4 (arrow killer , to the UHA6 MKII. Based on value and performance per dollar they are very much up there
Lol you're making me hungry .
 Yes you can. Just download the older firmware and load it the same way as you did the new firmware. I reverted back to 1.32 from 1.33 because I kinda felt the same way you do. But I also lost intimacy more so  than anything else. Particularly in the vocal area.
I have like all the Godzilla movies. Good memories as a kid.  I don't like what they did on the DVD version of "The Son of Godzilla". I like the voices better on the original Tape release....
I updated my AK120 to the S mod and just purchased the new Leckerton UHA760 for my Christmas presents. 
So I take Vegemite isn't some sort of sweet-concoction? I was thinking it would be more in line with apple-butter.  
This calls for a down under song =).  
Don't forget the Vegemite =D
 This year we've forsaken our yearly ritual of feasting for convenience. We ate at Zippys instead. Kinda ghetto but also got tired of feeding the free-loaders. Next year we'll go all out though :P. Imu-turkey is da ****! Corn chowder, potato salad, imu-ham or pork-butt, pumpkin crunch. Mmmm-good.
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