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 Now we just need some high-quality leather and we can have a domniatrix thing goin on ;)..
How many of those headhpones are beats? ;)... I think here it would be much more noticeable to be wearing headphones than IEMs. Then again most here wear ibuds....
I don't know wearing headphones in general is quite noticeable IMO. Wearing IEMs is much more discrete.
 I'm be first in line for that tour again (hopefully) ;)...
 I definitely agree with that. Having a good power source adds authority/weight to the sound while with sources that lack power tend to be thin and lack punch :).
Free .99 ;)... I didn't know we could give you thumbs up? Did huddler recently change that for moderators?
Hmm so you like the sound better? I never stuck with it long enough to really notice. I just couldn't stand how buggy the UI became after that. Especially having to click each time to scroll down....
I've never really considered them to be in the upper end of audiophilia until just recently. While the E7 and E9 gave me a taste of decent sound it was still a farcry away from other gear that I had tried. Basically it helped to get my feet into the door but never really opened that door. The X5 on the other hand (at least for me) changes my opinion on Fiio products. They have stepped the game up for sure.
 Not so simple if you have fit issues or defects in your IEMs. Gregorz will support you but you have to jump through hoopes and ship back to a proxy which in turn will cost you a lot more due to shipping charges. Just food for thought.
New Posts  All Forums: