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 I just sold my 3rd ANV and will stick with the AK120-S mod and Rocoo BA for portability purposes. In terms of audio quality I don't see much of anything touching the S mod for quite some time :). Of course I wouldn't mind being wrong as I always like to push the envelope, but I doubt it :P.
lol ;).
 Well time to learn the 11th Commandment. "Thou shalt not get caught" ;).
Are you going to get them?
 I had a custom silver cable made to connect to my triad via the RCA and 3.5 to the DACport LX. Sound is superb out of it. Other than that I've never enjoyed silver cable as a LOD. But in this case it worked out perfectly.
 Of course the Tera player is the better sounding player :P. I'd take it any day over the clip based just on the sound quality. But that also depends on the pairing as it can be problematic on BA IEMs. I have no plans on purchasing one though.... I did have second thoughts though when I tried it on the SE5. But I doubt I'll go down that path anytime soon.
 Both are very good player but I personally like the AK120 better than the Tera. After having my unit modded they aren't even comparable anymore. :P. I have a Tera with me on loan. I listened to it for about 5 or more hours. Haven't touched it since.....
RWAK120-S with Tralucent T1 amp and Spiral Ear SE5 = Audio Nirvana ;).  
Gotcha. Just the term was confusing. When you said RWAK120 it also means an AK120 with the impedance lowered to less than 1 ohm. RWAK120The RWAK120 is a modified version of the Astell & Kern AK120 digital audio player (DAP)We achieve this by:Bypassing the 3.3 ohm resistors in the headphone output stage, which results in a < 1-ohm output impedance that can drive IEMs and headphones whose impedance is as low as 8-ohms Hardwiring the headphone output stage FETs directly to...
I can't disagree there. Personally I like the Rocoo BA pairing better on the SE5 than the stock AK120. But I haven't tried the S mod yet. That might change everything. Probably will to be honest. I'll give them a try later and report back on it.
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