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lol :P.  
Actually that's a dead bird. It died from extreme constipation and delusions of grandeur (full of sh*t)... :P So dogs have gas? Can't recall any of our animals passing gas... Must be the tofu burgers you're feeding him/her. 
You got it :).
I still can't believe how the tags show up on WAV files. For me that is very much appreciated. It had the album, artist and song all showing up as if it was flac...
You know you like dark-chocolate! ;)...
Using them with the 1Plus2 I'd still give the nod to the AK120. But it is hard to justify the AK120s MSRP pricing when the Fiio hits pretty high for its asking price. Both have good UIs but the Fiio is more polished overall. The AK120 has a more polished finish and looks to be of higher quality (I'd sure hope so @ its price...).
The expression on her face says "who farted?"
I thought it did list all three?
Hmm maybe UERM? Or possibly NT6 or JH13?
Sorensiim? :P.
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