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 Oh ok. Was wondering lol. Also curious if a modded unit would be an upgrade over the older modded units.... The X5 pairs really well on the Ref. 1. I put it on EQ Flat and really does the trick. Can't complain for its pricing.
Did they change the 100? I thought it was pretty mediocre sounding when I had it and that was RWA modded as well.... Studio V 3rd ANV smashed it IMO in terms of sound quality alone.... I am a bit curious to hear the Catlyx or whatever you call it with the Suis (a friend might lend me his unit for a while). Also looking forward to Hisound revising the Rocoo players. But really wanted them to release the Master.
 Hmm I wonder is it even worth doing that? Does that impact the sound? I opted for single ended as I figured there are far better single ended amps than the balanced overall. So it would be a limiting factor to this unit.
So far I have about 55 hours on the Ref. 1... It is hard to believe how much this IEM is changing.... I've never heard an IEM change this much before. That includes the severity and how often it has changed. The bass right now seems very controlled and extremely deep. Most definitly never heard an IEM reach that deep and with such authority. Sounds absolutely amazing out of the AK120 S-Mod on EQ flat.
If you like the AKGs youll most likely like the 1Plus2.
 You need to hear Tralucent then.
Gavin make my dream IEM come true. I know it would be a bit lol
 lol about the tweezers :P. I think the IEM I'm able to listen to the loudest is the Sui. That IEM has the ideal amount of bass for me. I'd take that witih the Ref 1s mids and 1Plus2s highs (but with a little bit of the finesse of the Ref 1) and I think that would be a perfect IEM ;).
Seal really isn't an issue for me. If anything I had a hard time finding tips that didn't give me an excessive seal. The large spiral dots get stuck in my ears when pulling the IEMs out... Otherwise these have too much bass on them.... Currently using the TF10 large single flanges at the very stem of the IEMs. It makes for a bigger sound staging and bass is more controlled. The tips give a good seal but allow some of  the bass to dissipate I think. lol definitely gives...
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