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He might just be trollin you :P.
  Could be because we are using WAV that the issues are lacking. Catch a WAV and we're sitting on top of the world ;)...
That's pretty nifty James.
Hey there I'm selling my Tralucent 1Plus2 with a brand new unused Tralucent silver cable (updated version) for $950.00 shipped within the US. You cover the paypal fee. These are by far the best IEMs I've heard to date in terms of technicality and sound quality.
 Don't remind me....
 Well it's not the first device to exhibit this. The DX100 is another device that clearly shows this. It has its pros and cons. The pro is having more versatility with your IEMs. The con is the inconsistency.
The X5 would not even play my files until I formatted the 64 GB card with the X5. So far no hiccups. I'm on the 6th song. Edit: On song 17 and so far no pauses. I am on 1.00 so not sure if that is part of it. But my unit is not exhibiting the issues some of you guys are having. As said above a good chance causing these issues are the SD cards you are using, maybe not using the X5 to format the cards first, tagging issues or corruption in the files themselves, or possibly...
Vinyl rip. US pressing. The German pressing is way too bright and strident.
Listening to 24 bit material and so far no skips. We'll see.... Loving Violator 24/196 Depeche mode.
Such a leery comment H20 :P.
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