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 You'd probably save a bit more through depending on their pricing as they aren't charging a handlers fee. I paid about $310.00 for my pair and $20.00 shipping I think.
 The isolation on both are similar IMO. Maybe the JVC would give a slightly better isolation due to being bassier overall. Both are an open design BTW. Cheapest means of ordering would probably be through and have it shipped via tenso. Or Price Japan.
If you get the FX850 I really recommend you get a Rocoo BA and install the Studio V firmware on that. Sounds superb. If you go for the Sui I recommend the X5.   Not sure about selling the SE5 :P. At times I wonder if it was worth buying it due to the resale value (virtually none). I still haven't found the perfect source for it besides my desktop which is a shame as I'd like to enjoy it on the move or away from the desk as much as I do at the desk...
The 850 treble isn't hot and its mids are in no way recessed. I would find it easier on the ears for longer listening than even the SE5. The Sui is more aggressive overall (it has a slight U-shape) but in reality I can listen to it at louder volumes than the SE5 without fatigue. A part of it could be due to the IEMs being of an open design and are dynamic drivers. The Sui is very revealing and I've used it time and time again to root out good tracks vs poorly mastered when...
Forgot to add. If you haven't loaded the Studio V firmware on there go ahead and do it ;)... I think you'll like it even more then. What's interesting is this sound signature is similar to what I get on the Flat 4 Sui and the X5. Although the overall presentations are still different.
 Yeah I was quite surprised it sounded so go also. I really did not like the Studio V pairing on the FX700 so didn't think of giving them a try until I was in a pinch :P. It really brings the FX850s bass under control and makes them all round more balanced and detail-oriented. The thinner sound of the Rocoo goes well with the FX850s thicker sound. Plus they both have a spacious sound to it to boot so :).
Youd have to hear 1Plus2 or their Ref 1 to hear how refined and sheer quality the bass can be. SE5s bass is impressive but really no contest next to that IMO.Maybe consider the FX850 and Flat 4 Sui. I think both would give you what you seek and would still save more money having both vs the Shure. Oh and you have your treble extension still .
That sucks =(
 Hmm gonna have to test this out on my S mod ;). Strange I thought you didn't like 1.32 vs the newer version? I really liked 1.32 but after sending the S-mod in for repair the sound also changed :(. Ended up preferring 1.37 in the end. Funny how the sound had changed when changing out the chip/chips.
 Don't you consider the SE5 to be a bit bass heavy? I find them to be just a bit bass heavy but not in a bad way. They still don't do it for me over my dynamic IEMs in that area though. Don't get me wrong though. I've fallen asleep with the 8A and the SE5 in before. But I could/can never really forget they are in and after a while of wearing them there is some discomfort. Seems the seal gets tighter the longer I would wear them... Upon first inserting them and listening...
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