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 I left the S-mod running on loop and it lasted about 8 hours if not a bit more.... I'd say that is not bad considering the chips its running and the sound quality it produces. Isn't the 901 around that time as well? :P Of course if I was being OCD I could make it run out in 5 hours. But that was the same for the DX100 when constantly touching the screen.
 Even for H20 here they are quite elusive ;)... Another link on ebay
These (link below) are the genuine ones. You might be able to get a little cheaper from but you have to have forwarded to you from Either way a PITA but I think the tips are worth it. Those other tips you linked to are also good and for the price, worth it.
I think those aspects are both important. But also control is very much important.
 Depending on what you are looking for. You might really love them ;).
 Which the AK120 S-mod is quite a bit better than the Hifiman 901 with its best card ;)...
lol I'm sure Mimou is being facetious. I don't know about tupac though.... When he mentions 7 pairs he means other CIEMs ;)...   Personally I wouldn't risk changing cables very often at all on the SE5 being that it is silicone. I changed it out a couple times but won't do that anymore. Sounds marvelous on the old gold cable.
I kinda get annoyed using small devices to search. Takes a lot longer than the PC :P. But for convenience it's nice to have.
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 I originally came here to compare between the Sure SE530 and the IE80. The IE80 grabbed me and it was it from there... Now @ Spiral Ear SE5, Tralucent Ref. 1, JVC FX850, Flat 4 Sui :P.
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