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I just gave the Spiral Dot tips another go. This time using them on the very edge of the IEMs like I have been using the large grey TF10 flanges. Wow, I can't believe how good this sounds. Sound is very spacious both in sound stage width, height and depth.... I am very impressed so far. Listening to Adiemus "Songs of Sanctuary" =].
I'm curious to hear a direct comparison myself. But going off of opinions of fellow headfiers I trust I'm hearing the 901 with its upgraded amp card beat out the 240 in terms of sound quality. The AK100 S-mod beats out the 901 by a nice margin. With the 120 S-mod beating out the 100 S-mod by quite a margin as well. I'm doubtful the AK240 stock touches the S-mod. Of course people are going to opt for the better UI, storage, true DSD playback and luxury aspect of the 240. I...
Same here. Doesn't happen often but when it does it's annoying. Normally happens when I swap out cards.
 True testing is the best way to see. I find with the Flat 4 Sui, SE5, 1Plus2 and Ref 1 all really benefit from a good amp. Not that it's a requirement but to bring them to their fullest I think so.
 It depends. There are IEMs that do benefit from amping. It's not necessarily about volume but about the quality of the power feeding them and the control. With higher end IEMs this is definitely apparent.
 Honestly how accurate is that? Is it factoring in the sensitivity of your IEMs as well? I'd think it would vary depending on many factors not just the output dB rating of the device.
 Your best bet is to use CIEMs if you are that concerned with it. But I wouldn't wear them in areas where you're safety is at risk. Especially with all the retards behind the wheel....
 It's hard to gauge this IEM still as I haven't fully burned it in yet. But with the short time I've used it I can confidently say it has the best bass I've heard thus far. If you are considering going for a CIEM consider the Spiral Ear SE5. Even this IEM took about 300 hours of usage to settle in. Probably in part due to the gold cable taking time to burn in also. Listening to them right now. Don't think you'll find an IEM better for rock. Seether sounds sick on these.
 Yep they are by far the best tips I've used on the 1Plus2. Also gave me a much better fit with them.... Sad I don't get the same effect on the Ref 1. They just get pulled off the nozzle every time I pull them out, or it gives me a vacuum seal....
I think the bass on them does help to attenuate sound to some extent. Isolation is ok. I wouldn't say great but it can be helpful in situation where you want to lower external noise and still have awareness of what is happening around you. I wouldn't be afraid for my life driving like I did while wearing the 8As going to the post office lmao. To make things worse it was cold and the windows were fogged.... :D
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