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 I'm curious to hear the Mojo as well. But hearing the hisound S6 is not far at all from the mojo with much better battery life portability... Decisions decisions.
Aren't they?
 I had issues with that with the DX100 I think lol.
 From what I've been told the SE5 signature is closer to the LCD2 vs the HD800.
 Sometimes it just happens. Not often. Maybe a tagging issue or a random glitch. 
lol I also do take reviews from others seriously. It can help to see a trend, be it good or bad.
Jack contacted me regarding their new Studio. I should have one in at some point. I'll Chime in with impressions at that time .
  I agree with you on the above. But I also found the bass levels on the Ref 1 can also be a bit tiring for me on the longer listening sessions. It just depended really on the tracks as well. Glad you are liking them so far. You're comments on the vocals is interesting. I swear on a particular track the vocals were sick. Like among the best I've ever heard. Just the tone to it and the hyper-detail I felt I got from the track. I never heard it that way before and it was...
I've used the 1Plus2 on my Fiio X5 and I think it sounds really good as well. But my perfect sound so far has been using them on the AK120 S-mod via the Tralucent T1 amp. Simpy sublime. 
 Pretty neat. What type of glue do you use?
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