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lol cat looks pissed...
The EX1000 would have a wider sound staging IMO. More closer to full size headphones. While the Flat 4 Sui has a massive head-staging but not much of a sound staging. I much prefer the Sui to the EX1000. The EX1000 was was just dreadfully-painful to listen to. But it had some of the best bass quality I've heard.
Or kick him in the nuts ;).
 Sandisk is known to have the best reliability across the board. I've never really had issues with their cards. Then again they are the original makers so why not?
And how is the sound to you? I'm jelly lol
 I'm sure there are proxy services in the US like tenso ;)
 Might be an RMA on your hands....
Silver probably will help along with a brighter source. But the SE5 itself with its thick signature really isn't meant to be very sparkly to begin with. Not next to other IEMs I've heard at least.
Can you honestly expect something that is $350 to beat something that is a $1000+? The fact that it hits that high is very impressive. It's like guys on the FX850 thread expecting the 850 to compare to the 1Plus2 when in reality it doesn't at all.
 Mimouille did say the X5 gives about 80 to 85% of the 901s sound quality. They share a similar sound sig from what I was told. I don't consider the X5 to be better than the DX100 but it does hit pretty high and has a much better UI and smaller build.
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