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Thanks ClieOS. I'll give it a try and decide if I like it better or not. Kinda wished to try the 1.00 firmware though :(.
link to the tips?   Also I don't think it is a good idea to remove the filters. Some turd who sold me a pair of FX700s didn't disclose that the filters were removed (supposedly he didn't know). Anyways that caused them to fail due to moisture build up. Definitely sounded more airy and open but at a cost..
Is there a link to it? I'd like to try test it out and see if I prefer it or not.
Does anyone know which was the original firmware that shipped with the demo units? I want to try revert to that firmware. I don't like when adjusting the volume it skips to a new track. Also curious if the signature of the original firmware was more to my liking or not.   Lol my unit smells toxic. Smells of melted plastic :P.
I think both are good but by far the Wolfson chips in my S-mod are the best I've heard for portable. With Cirrus chips I tend to find the treble to have this sheen/harshness that I've never really liked. It was this way on the Leckerton amp via the DAC and even on the iphone4. With the Leckerton being a bit more prominent in this area.
Wow. I heard the stock Denon 5000s as being more bass heavy than the FX850s... I mean it was so excessive it would vibrate my skull lol.
One thing I notice about the 850s is how much they flesh the vocals out. Even stuff like Sean Paul is easy to keep up with vs not being able to make out everything he is saying on other IEMs lol.  
 Time to bust out the lube...
Preference is key. I also feel the Flat 4 series is better than the Fitear personally.
Personally I prefer these to the 334s. The 334s bass was slower and due to that and the narrow sound staging I felt things were a bit congested on the 334. The FX850s on the other hand are quite spacious sounding. Both IEMs are bass heavy though. The 334s mids are more forward and intimate. But the FX850s mids are also a bit forward. The 850s sound much more natural and realistic IMO. Especially in instruments. The tonality is where it is at.   Basically their approaches...
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