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 Wish I could be that care free while out and about. Do not have enough confidence in my fellow man to feel that safe :P. Only when in private when I don't have to worry can I get that sorta enjoyment. Glad you were able to find yours.
At least they are not in his pants .
No Jittery-june?
 If the IEM can make you cry its a go ;'-).
 No worries and good luck. With the S6 it's the best I've heard them so far :).
 With Hisound units I've always felt wowed. Like it turns your red book music into HD lol :P.
 Consider the Studio 6. I think it pairs very well with the FX850 and definitely helps in taming its bass. LO B mode.
The thing about the walkmans is they lack in power in comparison =p.
Opps I assumed you bought it from Jack @hisound. I need to try emailing again.
 Hey have you been in contact with him? What email? He has not responded to me and my review is on a stand still until I talk with him....
New Posts  All Forums: