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 The Studio 6 has more bass emphasis IMO than the Studio V. The Studio V 3rd ANV had a bit more bass emphasis than the original Studio V. The Studio 6 still has more bass emphasis IMO than the 3rd ANV. The Studio 6 has 2 playing modes A and B modes. You have them available also in the LO. So 4 signatures in total. Mode A is their dynamic mode. I feel it works great on my Flat 4 Suis. They sound very balanced, detailed, energetic. While on B mode the unit is a detail...
 Yes it's sound quality is an improvement IMO. Also with improvements in UI, format support (although DSD still has issues currently), build quality. The unit has better volume control for both lower and higher volume listening. The unit is also more powerful so should power headphones better than the Studio 3rd ANV.
I suggest you look into the hisound studio 6 thread. It is there updatted model and it is superior IMO.
 Any idea what it does? You wanna be the beta tester? lol. Is there any access to the original firmware just in case?
I look forward to your thoughts on them with the Kaede II.   Which BAs exhibited issues? Impedance? Sound too thin? I like the pairing on SE5. With the 1Plus2 sound is a little lean. But to be fair this DAP is rather neutral to the source. All my IEMs exhibited their own characteristics clearly vs being overpowered by the DAPs signature (if you take my meaning).
 I like that this player pairs well with all my IEMs. Sadly my Sui's wires are going bad on both sides so I will have to replace those shortly...
 I'm curious to hear the Mojo as well. But hearing the hisound S6 is not far at all from the mojo with much better battery life portability... Decisions decisions.
Aren't they?
 I had issues with that with the DX100 I think lol.
 From what I've been told the SE5 signature is closer to the LCD2 vs the HD800.
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