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 Maybe look into the SE5. Don't bother with the 8a.... :P
 No the firmwares are still available. I just clicked on the link and it prompted me to download the files.... I suggest not using the most updated firmware which is what you may be searching for. That firmware had nothing but problems. I recommend the dynamic firmware listed in the link below.
Also the studio v 3rd anv is best suited to the firmware used on the second generation units. I think that can be found under Hisound firmwares thread?
Try to contact hisound to inquire about possible warranty or repair. The issue you may be having iis what I've experienced with a dead unit.
Jettison June.
 Wish I could be that care free while out and about. Do not have enough confidence in my fellow man to feel that safe :P. Only when in private when I don't have to worry can I get that sorta enjoyment. Glad you were able to find yours.
At least they are not in his pants .
No Jittery-june?
 If the IEM can make you cry its a go ;'-).
 No worries and good luck. With the S6 it's the best I've heard them so far :).
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