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 Give those JVC tips a try. If you have larger ears go for  the large size. Best I heard the 1Plus2 sound by far. Otherwise I can only think your pair is defective. Forgot to add the Comply tips muffle the sound. It increases bass, makes it flabby and causes treble to roll off. Never did get on with the complys. Not to mention it destroys the sound staging and air.... Speaking of which, does anyone wanna buy comply tips I have a lifetime supply ;)...
I wonder if its seal related? Sounds like you are getting a bad seal. Or a defective pair? Never heard them as congested or a small sound staging? The AK120 S mod pairs really well on the 1Plus2. If you are using the silver cable on it I suggest the Studio V 3rd ANV.
   Keep in mind guys I sent a medium pair to burtomr as he normally uses medium sized tips but it didn't give him a seal. He needed the large JVC tips to achieve a seal. So it's not always the same size fits all. I use the large size myself.
 They destroy the Ortofon tips ;). Even on the 1Plus2. Never heard the 1Plus2 sound better.
 Not necessarily. The Sui are up there with them and are about the same price if not slightly cheaper. The Sui overall are the more detailed and exciting IEM that doesn't lack in bass at all. It's a bit bass heavy itself but with more detail. Bass is more controlled as well.
lol cat looks pissed...
The EX1000 would have a wider sound staging IMO. More closer to full size headphones. While the Flat 4 Sui has a massive head-staging but not much of a sound staging. I much prefer the Sui to the EX1000. The EX1000 was was just dreadfully-painful to listen to. But it had some of the best bass quality I've heard.
Or kick him in the nuts ;).
 Sandisk is known to have the best reliability across the board. I've never really had issues with their cards. Then again they are the original makers so why not?
And how is the sound to you? I'm jelly lol
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