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No Jittery-june?
 If the IEM can make you cry its a go ;'-).
 No worries and good luck. With the S6 it's the best I've heard them so far :).
 With Hisound units I've always felt wowed. Like it turns your red book music into HD lol :P.
 Consider the Studio 6. I think it pairs very well with the FX850 and definitely helps in taming its bass. LO B mode.
The thing about the walkmans is they lack in power in comparison =p.
Opps I assumed you bought it from Jack @hisound. I need to try emailing again.
 Hey have you been in contact with him? What email? He has not responded to me and my review is on a stand still until I talk with him....
 I have to admit for its price point it does also look good. The wood finish including on the cable makes it look more expensive lol. Sound is mainly what I'm concerned with though. This unit happens to make that happen at a cheap price. What more can you ask? :P.
 Or honestly that many can't tell the difference.... :P
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