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You hit it on the nose. Driving power and pure sound quality. Sound quality also includes headphones and IEMs that are non bluetooth. Sorry not gonna believe the technology is that advanced to surpass both wired headphones and IEMs. Talking high end at least. Otherwise an investment in a DAP like this would be overkill...
I beg to differ. These features can be had on a phone with a great UI and decent sound quality. It is what it is. And the general public does not contribute the bulk in sales of such botique products vs an audiophile or music enthusiest. The average consumer will just look at you crazy for spending so much on an mp3 player lol.Now maybe implementation of streaming blue tooth has come a ways. For me in the past I've had issues with it and sound degradation.
Nope the UI is very basic. Folder view of music files. Sound quality is superb IMO. Plus 30 hour battery life, portability, build quality. If you are looking for a DAP with all the bells and whisles look elsewhere.
Thanks for the comparison H20. Very detailed. 😎
Hisound Studio 6 with JVC FX850.
H20 I'd like to hear your thoughts as well (I recall you had an ASG2 also? Do they really compare?
If you don't notice any discrepensies then don't let it bother you. I did however hear noticeable differences on the 3rd ANV as well as the S-mod regarding Sandisk 64 gb cards (note I also use mainy WAV files). I did repurchase a pair to test out at a later time (a year later or so) but I still detected it. Good thing I waited til prices came down lol. However, the Samsung 128 GB cards work great. Don't notice any sound discrepancies on that. I will not risk wasting money...
I know the feeling. Need to fix my T1 Amp and use my S-mod on the go.
You'll drool over the Studio 6s detail levels on 1Plus2. No doubt Ref 1 would sound fine on them too I bet.
Shucks. DSD not playing back correctly?
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