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 Yep. I kept them and sold off the Kaede. Actually sold of the Kaede and the 8As and used that money to fund the SE5s.
Well the Kaede will give you that. It was too much for me personally. But the Kaedes have better mid-range, tighter bass and a better timbre. It reminded me too much of the EX1000 with the treble :(. Not as bad but where I couldn't listen to them very long.
You have a point but the issue with incompatibility with devices is a universal issue. I had issues with my files on my iphone4, Sansa Fuze, etc. It wasn't until I fixed my tags that all the issues disappeared. Now I simply have a set standard of how all my files are tagged and I don't run into such issues anymore. Plus my library is much neater and organized.
Hmm I wonder if it could be a tagging issue which is making your X5 crash? I have yet to have mine crash on me. Then again I use mostly WAV.
I think the unit is in no way perfect but it's very workable in terms of the UI. There are some bugs I'd like to be addressed still. But I am not sh*tting bricks about it. Overall I'm very happy with the unit as is. You think the UI is bad you should have tried the SFLO2. Would bring some perspective as to how far they've come.
 Especially with the X5 :). Flat 4 gets the most use out of all my IEMs.
 Are your large tips available? ;)
 I tend to find a signature to be dark when the bass is prominent without the treble and mids being in balance with that bass. The SE5 is not dark IMO. I do not consider warm to be dark either (kinda depends on the extreme of the warmth :P). The SE5 has a slight warmth to it, at least my pair does. It is definitely transparent and airy but I don't consider it extremely airy such as on the 1Plus2 or the Flat 4 Sui. The sound is thicker on the SE5 and due to that more...
I just love that the X5 has some sort of tagging even for WAV files. :)
 lol I made mine in the morning. I was like greed, just take my money right now ($1,700+ instant transfer) :P. Still don't feel bad about the SE5 purchase either.
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