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 I felt this way regarding the stock cable vs the gold cable from Tralucent (old version). With the original cable I felt the mids were a bit harsh and edgy. Very revealing but not as smooth at I'd like. The gold cable fixed that. Gave it a more romantic presentation and smoother across the board.
I dont consider them bright but i dont think they are really lacking in the treble either. Its just on the smoother side.
Don't forget to mention "so expensive" as well...
I'm apt to believe what mimouille says. While my iphone4 sounded not half bad there is much better to be had for DAPs. Just depends if it is worth it to you or if you can hear those differences for yourself. For those who can't. Well good for you. Save your money. Doesn't mean others can't hear things that you can't though.
I can attest to Vinnie's great customer service. My original 120 S Mod needed to have one of the chips changed out. He repaired it under warranty. No guarantee he can repair the SD slot though.
Lol . You just did....
Hi. Currently using the T1 Amp from Tralucent Audio as Im typing this with the SE5s. Nice to block the world out at work
Figured the more pricey unit would be the better sounding ... (Just kidding).
Yeah live rock is sick on these. Rob Zombie live was sublime.
 The Triad L3 is my fav so far with the 120s. I hook it up to the PSU and it sounds even better. For portability I use the Tralucent T1 amp. I preferred this amp to the internal amp on the DX100 :).   I use mine with the Spiral Ear SE5 and the Tralucent Ref 1. But it pairs good with all my IEMs including the FX850 and Suis.
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