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Lol guess well see if these puppies are as rugged as they look. Still Id baby these beauties. :P.
 Yep that's what I did with the mod I mentioned in my prior post. Still not quite the headroom I wanted but it was enough to get by with the IE80s.
Just simply lower the gain on the O2 amp. There is a mod to do it. I did when I had it. 
 Yeah if a bird was to take a crap on my shirt I think I'd miss too ;)...
There sure are "plenue" of options to choose from when it comes to uber expensive DAPs these days ;)...
 As I mentioned earlier they do really well on music with high dynamic range. Meaning if you bought CDs generally before 1995 and below the CDs for the most part have good dynamic range. 80s music sounds really good on them. They are not bad at all for all-arounders.
 You don't have to get them if you don't want to lol. I'm not here to convince you to buy them ;)... It's your loss lol (joking).
 They are indeed bass heavy but very much in line with the treble and mids. The FX700s were much worse IMO. The FX700s were suitable for nothing more than low volume listening. With the 850s you can easily listen at medium to slightly above average volume levels without issue. Edit: I'm noticing these IEMS really sing on tracks with good dynamic range :).
 Did you mean of course? or did you mean intercourse is better than the FX850s ;)....
 The 1Plus2 and AKG3003 do share similarities but they are also quite different at the same time. It just depends on if those differences are important to you or not I guess ;).
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