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Listening to 24 bit material and so far no skips. We'll see.... Loving Violator 24/196 Depeche mode.
Such a leery comment H20 :P.
 Well apparently that is not the case on the players that I mentioned. I mentioned them as they are an exception to your statement. The original files do not have clipping. It was with the higher compression where this resulted. Not that this would cause an issue for the X5.
 Would the NT6 be a closer fit?
Heck mentioning $500 IEMs and you get labeled as crazy from most lol :P.
 aww that dog looks so sad...  Bad beats bad! ;)..
 I'm not sure about this uzi2. On the Studio V and Rocoo BA on highly compressed FLAC files the units would exhibit clipping on certain tracks. More so tracks that were extremely busy. That issue was solved by changing the compression levels. Also take into account APE is a prime example of high compression and it puts a lot of strain on DAPs. That comes from having to process/unpack the file. That leads to faster battery drain.
 Could also depend on the firmware. I thought it was atrocious with the 8A on most firmwares.... On the 1Plus2 which isn't very warm I found it to be very good.
 Yeah the files were average 230 MB and larger. The X5 says the files aren't supported which is pretty funny lol. I tried it on 1.00 1.2 and 2.0 so it is an issue across the board it seems. on 16 bit WAV files no issues. I didn't try the files in FLAC as I believe it will be an issue as stated earlier. You could be right about the file size playing a roll in this. Could be not enough ram on the X5 to account for the file sizes. Such a pity if that is the case though... If...
 I love this :).
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