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I wonder where the 1Plus2 2.2 fits into that equation...
 Thought we'd set someone's stomach off if we mention that ;).
 AK380 modded ;P.
lol :P.
  I think I have an idea what you are referring to. That kinda happens a lot with DSD music vs redbook. Hisound players however have always managed to give me that feeling where redbook material sounds even better. Like its hd. Very much the same on the S6. 
 We got bushetted :P Tired of the bu-esh :P
I smell something toxic ;)
 Yep its what the transducer is capable of and how your source can power them properly. It's like putting Firestone tires on a Bugatti. Well you know what I mean :P. Although the source still has an impact on the IEM/headphone as well. If your gear is capable of pointing that out then it is a truly good IEM/headphone. Shows how resolving your gear is.
Can never go wrong where portability is concerned. Don't forget battery life and power all in one. :).  
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