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 Ah. Sometimes you just had to suck it up and send it back. If you are worried about the battery consider removing it before shipping to resolve that issue.
 Just "bus it" h20 ;-).
The card could be going bad and acting up intermittently. Just a guess.
Sell your IE80s and get FX850s ;).
 Or "Rooths Gold".
Your in for a "rooth" awakening ;).
oh :P.
 Well they sell it here for a bit higher. Not sure if the source is reliable though.
 Hmm well if you did add a bunch of tracks without deleting the system folder on the internal memory it can cause loading problems. I've had it happen before where I added a bunch of stuff and had to delete the system folder to get it to stop scanning indefinitely. But you said you deleted the system folder so I don't understand that.
Try a different memory card. The card could be faulty. Does it do this long scan with only the internal memory loaded? Most likely the issue IMO.
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