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Our pockets could though :D
 Your ears got use to the downgrade ;). Just kidding... :D
 I don't know about that lol. Think I'm gonna trust Mimouilles judgment here and pass. Not really in the need for bling. The sound is all the counts in the end ;)...
 Personally I like the V2 gold cable on the 1Plus2 better. Has a more refined sound to it. The older gold gave it a smoother sound overall. Not as detail oriented. The new gold actually tightens up the bass more than silver cable does and adds more treble extension and presence to the mids. The uber just takes it to another level and gives more depth to the sound with a thicker note weight across the board. Gives it a more 3D sound. Better foundation across all...
 Burger-World ;). Haven't been as active lately. Kinda just stepping back and watching what comes out. Not seeing a whole lot in terms of improvement from the gear we currently have. That's probably a good thing :P.
 Sure is. Not as fancy as the newer players but its got it where it counts :). Opted for the upgraded single ended LO to be installed and don't regret it. Compared the stock LO (also modded) vs the installed one from Vinnie and the one Vinnie installed is noticeably better in terms of sound quality. I normally use it with the T1 amp and a pure silver cable on EQ flat.
Just finished listening to the s mod and ref 1. Honestly cant expect more. The sound is nothing short of amazing. The 240 does tempt me based on its features. But based on pure sound, not really .I recently upgraded from the 4 to the 5s. Heard too many issues about the 6 units that I decided to pass on it. I kinda wanted the 6 Plus though.
I want it, I want it, I want it! lol :P. I'm craving a reference CIEM and this seems to be what I'm looking for.
What do you think would be the most ideal condition to use the Hugo under? I might consider getting one in the future to upgrade my desktop dac.
 The Sui for some reason is the IEM I can listen to the loudest without these issues (to a certain extent). But its treble is pretty aggressive still and has this bite to it but I think it's nice to be a little rough around the edges and still hold it together (being relatively smooth still). This adds to its dynamic sound. The SE5 is said to mirror the LCD 2 in many respects and actually bests it overall in sound staging and treble extension. I can't listen to that IEM...
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