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 I need to figure out how to get into contact with Jack still. Haven't gotten a response from him. Any one have any means to do so? The product IMO speaks for itself. But I need more info before I am gonna continue to post a review. Sooner I get into contact with him the sooner I can move on.
No wonder! :P
From what I gather Mimouille finds the Paw Gold to be "Sold Gold" with the SE5 Ultimate. I bet it is. If that's not rich enough for you then the AK380 modded might be what you want :P.
  Hmm. Not sure how often mine polls. Seems to do it every so often. Maybe ever couple minutes it will fluctuate. Got it used on amazon at like half off.
 They hooked H20 up with some of those magic stones if I recall correctly lol.
Sounds like hes building condominiums
I actually think we are suffering this in reality. Loosing our history several times and repeating the same old sh%t. Just added polish for effect.
What next a replica building that was originally made in asbestos; remade in asbestos... or maybe just a replica of the 6 naturally occurring silicone fibers. The human race is running low on ideas lol :P.
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