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 I have to admit for its price point it does also look good. The wood finish including on the cable makes it look more expensive lol. Sound is mainly what I'm concerned with though. This unit happens to make that happen at a cheap price. What more can you ask? :P.
 Or honestly that many can't tell the difference.... :P
 I have to agree. Really enjoy female vocals on the shozy.
 At least you were nice about it :P. I also lie to not have to go through that awkwardness of explaining things to them...
 Do you mean everyone will start selling their paw gold all of a sudden? Or better yet a nice price drop for the LPG is in order :P.
  Those look very nice :).
 That's awesome man. Didn't think I'd see Vegemite sandwiches used so swiftly in a sentence. This song comes to mind :). 
q tips and hearing aid dryer.
There looked to be some sweat caught in there. I noticed no sound on one side and was thinking something happened to them.
 I'd say Fit Ear then Noble if you are mainly concerned with aesthetics ;).
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