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 They hooked H20 up with some of those magic stones if I recall correctly lol.
Sounds like hes building condominiums
I actually think we are suffering this in reality. Loosing our history several times and repeating the same old sh%t. Just added polish for effect.
What next a replica building that was originally made in asbestos; remade in asbestos... or maybe just a replica of the 6 naturally occurring silicone fibers. The human race is running low on ideas lol :P.
This is what I had for lunch.       Smoked Kalbi. OMG so good :P. From Guava Smoked.
 There would be some "serious wrath' for our noses as well :D.
I wonder where the 1Plus2 2.2 fits into that equation...
 Thought we'd set someone's stomach off if we mention that ;).
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