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I think they are great all-arounders. Maybe those individuals put them on sale for the latest Tralucent product instead .
 The FX850s definitely hit above their price range IMO. So does the Flat 4 Sui. But they are no 1Plus2. Different leagues IMO. I owned both. Going from the 1Plus2 to the FX850s makes the FX850 sound muddy and congested.
Sold to Skydog71   Thanks you! :)
So not good for sensitive IEMs I take? To bad high gain can't be implemented with low noise floor. I tend to enjoy higher gain even with some IEMs just the noise it induces.
Or the queen of hearts will call "off with your head!"
Interesting =)
What a shame. He was a funny character. At first I was thinking this was a joke (his name). Sadly that is not the case...
Beats sound good now that apple bought them out? For shame!
34.5 64.2 75.8
 I send your pair of tips out on Tuesday. Let me know when you get them and how you like them. I'm assuming medium should fit you as I consider the large orthofon to be medium tips in my book ;)...
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