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 I'm curious which mode do you prefer the best? I find B mode via LO to be the best overall sounding. More neutral and detailed. A mode via HO has more bass and impact. A more upfront presentation vs a very detailed presentation.
 I think people also had issues with playback in order when they were not choosing to play in folder view. Then right click play song.
 Thanks for the clarification. I definitely understand what you mean now. Se5 can at times be just amazing. Other times can't get into the sound. But that also happens with other IEMs for me depending on my mood :P.
So the exact opposite of each other? :)
I like that the scaling factor on these IEMs is very high. Goes to show how good they really are.
 I've read impressions that the SE5 Ref is brighter and has better treble quality/control over the LCD2. Also the bass more controlled.
You guys look at the shozy zero yet? It's a good IEM for its price. Actually pretty suprising actually.
 If you connect the Ak120 to a DAC via optical it will bypass the on board chips no matter what. What you will need if you go through with the mod is a good amp to fully utilize this monster. The Tralucent T1 amp is wonderful for me on the go and sounds amazingly good. Too good for its price. Not sure if they are available anymore. At home I use the Triad L3 amp plugged to a PSU. Vinnie installs a dedicated LO where the volume knob use to be on the AK120. You have 2 true...
 If you are using optical then yes you are bypassing the dac on the AK120 and using it as a transport instead. I had my united modded to the S-mod (they upgraded the dual wolfson chips.) Absolutely no comparison from stock at all. Amped via Triad or the T1 amp via LO
pss-pss :P
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