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How much are you selling them for?   Edit: Don't mine me. I'm blind today. For some reason was thinking 1Plus2. Now I'm debating on getting one again :P.
 The expression on your avatar matches well with the last sentence ;).
Haven't tried that amp. What will you be using it with IEMs? If so also make sure the amp doesn't hiss. I use a Tralucent T1 amp for portable and the Triad L3 with psu at home.
 Mod your 120 to the S-mod and you should be in heaven with a good amp. Should be sonically superior still to the AK240 but you won't have all the bells and whistles of that DAP.
You got PM
Micah. Good stress reliever.
 I did like them for rock a bit. Same for the Sui. But a lot of the time Rock music just gets too aggressive with them. The SE5 is by far the best IEM I've heard for rock.
Turtldo or not turtldo...
The uber was something on the 1Plus2. Never tried it on the Ref 1. I bet it would yield a nice effect.
 I think they have some tip options available with silicone and foam stuffed inside. But the main option of hybrid tips don't include foam just silicone from what I recall? I still have the extra large ones. Haven't found anything they were worth using on though...
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