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Why are you selling them?
  Then "Stone Septemer" is in order...  
 Sounds like a sh*tty job :(.
 Went to a funeral yesterday. Now why is that reminding me of that song you linked earlier lol.
The hybrids would kill the staging (at least for me). Lot of tips to try though.
 Don't act. You know you want them ;).
 They should be shipping to me on Monday. So next week yes. Still debating on selling off some other gear. But honestly don't think I can part with any of it :P.
 Yep I can believe that. The AK120 S-mod scaled very high with IEMs/headphones that will allow it to show its true potential. Should have a Ref 1 by next wee ;).
 Then I suggest you look into the FX850s ;) 
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