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 True. But as the above questioned.... How much exactly will they expect for the repair? $1000 for battery repair? $200? A definitive answer and a clear indication as to how to go about requesting such service would be nice to know... I was lucky enough to have my battery replaced by Vinnie at RWA.
They basically don't want the older model competing with their million new releases. So they won't help you out without forcng you to go through them.
Did you give it a listen before purchasing? Not that we all have that luxury unfortunately.
 lol you don't know what your missing h20 ;).
They scaled very well on Triad L3 setup. Sounds superb on the Studio S6.
I'd say the Shozy is more neutral than the JVC. The FX850 has more bass, thicker mids and better extention in the treble. Cleaner treble as well.
What about Asinine-August? :P  
Get a poor seal with leads to treble being harsher and bass being light to none existstant
Tha's a start. Everyone needs a little Aloha! :P.
or Jovial-July :P.
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