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 Are you gonna go for the new version? Wonder if I'd like a flatter SE5 ;).
 Did you get to try  the FX850s out? I really like them. And being they are around $270 that is a good deal IMO for what you get. How they image in game is pretty uncanny also. Feels like I'm not wearing anything.
 The S-mod gives you the best of both worlds. You have that ubber detail and that natural sound combined. I could imagine it combined with that amp of yours (sublime ;-).
 I'm not sure on that one. I think the Flat 4 Sui has better technical ability and is more neutral sounding of the two. I like both but if I had to have one I'd keep the Sui.
 It's really in an entirely different league of its own from a stock AK120. No comparison.
Thats too bad to hear... My cat never like wearing a collar. He always figured out how to get out ot it. Guess it's a good think I didn't force him. Just give him flea medication.
I love Ozzy's music. I have pretty much all his CDs. The older material from the 80s to the early 90s was better quality though due to the loudness wars.
Wish I heard things that way. I'd have saved a lot of money. I'd probably just have earbuds as well
Alienware Area 51 R2
That I can understand.
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