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 We got bushetted :P Tired of the bu-esh :P
I smell something toxic ;)
 Yep its what the transducer is capable of and how your source can power them properly. It's like putting Firestone tires on a Bugatti. Well you know what I mean :P. Although the source still has an impact on the IEM/headphone as well. If your gear is capable of pointing that out then it is a truly good IEM/headphone. Shows how resolving your gear is.
Can never go wrong where portability is concerned. Don't forget battery life and power all in one. :).  
 I honestly didn't like how it sounded with the 1Plus2... The mids sounded wonky to my ears on the Tera. It sounded off... But the SE5 sounded really impressive to me with the Tera. Then hearing Mimouille compare S6 to the LPG signature got me interested in the LPG. I've never heard the SE5 sound better than on the S6 amped with Triad and PSU.
Juglar June
Based on his sound preferences I bet H20 would prefer the S6 to the Tera. I found the S mod significantly better than the Tera to my ears.
True. But it also could save you in the long run from upgraditis
 Sounds like the screen is defective. Are you able to listen to music on it? When you first power the unit it on and when you plug your IEM/headphones in it (provided the screen was working), it will prompt you to choose between A mode and B mode. So if you click the middle button first it will choose A mode. If you press the right button it will move over to B mode. Then hit the middle button. This is so you can at least test out the signatures. You won't have much of any...
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