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They scaled very well on Triad L3 setup. Sounds superb on the Studio S6.
I'd say the Shozy is more neutral than the JVC. The FX850 has more bass, thicker mids and better extention in the treble. Cleaner treble as well.
What about Asinine-August? :P  
Get a poor seal with leads to treble being harsher and bass being light to none existstant
Tha's a start. Everyone needs a little Aloha! :P.
or Jovial-July :P.
 I'm curious which mode do you prefer the best? I find B mode via LO to be the best overall sounding. More neutral and detailed. A mode via HO has more bass and impact. A more upfront presentation vs a very detailed presentation.
 I think people also had issues with playback in order when they were not choosing to play in folder view. Then right click play song.
 Thanks for the clarification. I definitely understand what you mean now. Se5 can at times be just amazing. Other times can't get into the sound. But that also happens with other IEMs for me depending on my mood :P.
So the exact opposite of each other? :)
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