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The 1Plus2 is the best IEM I've heard for classic so far. It has both BA and Dynamic though.
 It goes both ways though. The convenience of a universal is it can be shared with others and sold at a higher value vs a CIEM. Took a pretty big loss on my 8As which were not comparable to my 1Plus2 in sound quality... The SE5 was worth the risk though. But you always have to factor in fit issues and going back and forward to get that fixed.
 They can't be made into customs because it will alter the sound. The shells are made they way there are as it has an impact on the sound.
I think stock is the new silver cable. Gold cable is a slight upgrade then the ubber is the top upgrade. I had the gold cable on them. Also have the old gold cable which is very different from the new one. The old one is more musical sounding. Puts more emphasis on the vocals, adds more depth to the staging with smoother treble and more textured bass. Match made in heave on the SE5.
 I felt there was more sibilance on the new gold cable vs the old silver cable. The old silver cable also made the 1Plus2 more bassy with a bigger sound staging. Well wider that is. Not as much depth though.
Wow that doesn't sound like the 1Plus2 to me at all? Wonder if they are defective? What cable do you have on them?
What about Sayanora September ;).
 My canals are pretty big if I was to do that I'd loose seal :P. It's convenient though when I want to hear what someone has to say and not want to take my IEMs out I just do that or flex my ears to break the seal...
 Strange? I emailed him and he responded back.... My rocoo BA is broken. Will be sending it in for repair. Also Jack let me know they will be releasing a new series of Rocoo players including the BA sometime next month... The issue with my BA is I get the logo then it asked to repair and it fails all the time :(. Happened after I charged it and came back to it like that...
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