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If you like the AKGs youll most likely like the 1Plus2.
 You need to hear Tralucent then.
Gavin make my dream IEM come true. I know it would be a bit lol
 lol about the tweezers :P. I think the IEM I'm able to listen to the loudest is the Sui. That IEM has the ideal amount of bass for me. I'd take that witih the Ref 1s mids and 1Plus2s highs (but with a little bit of the finesse of the Ref 1) and I think that would be a perfect IEM ;).
Seal really isn't an issue for me. If anything I had a hard time finding tips that didn't give me an excessive seal. The large spiral dots get stuck in my ears when pulling the IEMs out... Otherwise these have too much bass on them.... Currently using the TF10 large single flanges at the very stem of the IEMs. It makes for a bigger sound staging and bass is more controlled. The tips give a good seal but allow some of  the bass to dissipate I think. lol definitely gives...
 Don't you just hate that lol ;).
 Yeah I agree. Just I'm a bit impatient is all lol. I felt the same way on the SE5. Took hundreds of  hours before I felt they really opened up. I'm surprised how good the Ref 1s are sounding on rock music.
Probably 38 now. When I've been running them in it is on the Triad and dacport LX on the PC. Just have to remember to set it up before bedtime.
This IEM is surely a rollercoaster lol. Not sure if its track specific or wheather it's changing and at times for the worse lol. Might be a combination of both. I have to give them more time but I'm rather impatient when it comes to burn in :P.
The original silver/gold sounds quite a bit different than the new one. The new version is more detail oriented and has more control in the bass. More extension to the treble. Overall a more analytical sound. The old gold cable has a smoother sound to it. Bass has more texture. It adds more depth to the sound staging. Mids are a bit more intimate.
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