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Made the 1Plus2 sound so open and yet the soundstage is very balanced with focus. The fit with them otherwsie was alway a bit fiddly. But these tips help to maintain better seal.
Spiral dots rock if you get a good fit. I ordered a bunch from Japan (enough to last a lifetime amd free shipping Made the 1Plus2 addictive. (Darn typos) :-)
Honestly I think for more money. That's the bottom-line. :P
I think a huge part of the issue with having Grzegrz reshell the IEMs is for people not within Europe. It's simply not feasible. Also the asking price for reshells is still rather steep. These things will always serve as an obstacle. I bet you that is impacting his overall bottom line in a huge way. It limits his market.
 Are you gonna go for the new version? Wonder if I'd like a flatter SE5 ;).
 Did you get to try  the FX850s out? I really like them. And being they are around $270 that is a good deal IMO for what you get. How they image in game is pretty uncanny also. Feels like I'm not wearing anything.
 The S-mod gives you the best of both worlds. You have that ubber detail and that natural sound combined. I could imagine it combined with that amp of yours (sublime ;-).
 I'm not sure on that one. I think the Flat 4 Sui has better technical ability and is more neutral sounding of the two. I like both but if I had to have one I'd keep the Sui.
 It's really in an entirely different league of its own from a stock AK120. No comparison.
Thats too bad to hear... My cat never like wearing a collar. He always figured out how to get out ot it. Guess it's a good think I didn't force him. Just give him flea medication.
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