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 I think the FX850 isn't nearly as excessive with the bass as on the FX700s but I agree it is still a bass heavy IEM.
I figured the FX750 would be an upgraded FX700 but still with tons of farty-bass. Is that the case Danny? Been using the 850s with silver cable interconnect to great effect.
 I wouldn't let the SE5 dangle from the cable. I don't think the housing is meant to take abuse. It goes from my ears to their case or to somewhere stationary. If you mess up the sockets on the SE5 you're ****ed. It's not even recommended to be switching out cables much at all. I did it once and I won't be doing so again for longevity purposes (as well as finding that sweet spot) :P.
I just simply use a small piece of scotch tape (the light brown looking one) and fold it into a rectangle piece (cut out). That makes it where my pieces don't fall out unless I pull them out purposely. This is with months of usage.
 I did compare them to the 1Plus2 earlier on in the thread if you care to look back. They definitely do hit high for their pricing. But in terms of technicality and sheer refinement they fall short when comparing. But the timbre is one of the best I've heard in terms of how natural it sounds. 
Loving Anita Baker "Sweet Love" on the 850s. Very natural.
 Lol a trip down memory road for us right? ;)...
 I agree on this the X5 is by far the best bang for your buck DAP when sound quality, UI and build quality are all taken into consideration. I'm still price-shopping and would gladly wait a bit for prices to come down a bit. If not then I'll be grabbing one from mp4nation at some point.
 Yeah you Dream it instead ;)...
How do they sound?
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