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For some strange reason my ear anatomy changed for like a week and those Heir Tips really did the trick. But once they started to wear in they were to slippery and didn't give the desired sound. These tips below worked 2nd best for me and they are dirt cheap. I got the black ones.
 I think they pair really well with the Studio V and the Rocoo BA. Helps to lean out the sound a bit which brings more balance and detail.
 I'm actually keen on hearing the Ref1. Won't do so for some time until finances are back in order. Eitherway. It doesn't hurt to try out various tips to rule out that issue. I myself had a lot of fit issues with this model until I found the fake JVC tips as well as the genuine ones.
lol you troll ;). I had a good laugh at your signature below :P.
Honestly in terms of isolation the FX850 don't really isolate well. They do ok but the bass itself is playing a roll in this. They are an open design and it is what it is. But for an open design they do have "decent" isolation.
It could very well be you don't like the signature. But when you mention having a small to no sound stage and lacking in seperation that is not the 1Plus2 sound. Also you have to take into account the mentor has a different shape/fit than the 1Plus2 so that will make a big difference. The 1Plus2 is an open IEM while the mentor is sealed. It will automatically give you a better seal and isolation due to this. Many have had seal issues with the 1Plus2 due to its awkward...
 You get 3 pairs in each box. I agree it is expensive but well worth it. I paid less due to Japan but then factor in the shipping and that $20.00 is probably worth it.
I bought 4 boxes of them from and had forward them from their location to Hawaii. Tenso messed up on the shipping so they reimbursed me. So was free shipping ;)...
 My first pair did have issues though. Although I don't think it is common. Something got loose inside and it was rattling. Sound was still good but it was very annoying. Got them replaced under warranty.
 I highly recommend this player with the FX850 and the SE5 sounds real good on it also with dynamic firmware.
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