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 I'm not sure if they are still out of stock. I'll try talk with Jack again. He hasn't gotten back to me. Might be the email got lost due to China's firewall.... Last time I was asking him for some important information to use in my review. One thing is he had mentioned an earlier firmware where they had DSD working..... I would like to test this out if its true and post my findings. I think you will like FX850 on S6. Sounds great on both A mode HO and B mode LO. B mode LO...
  The FX850s pick up hiss quite easily. No issues here on the S6 though.. Actually I continue to be amazed at how well the Studio 6 makes IEMs behave in general. Just all around great at gripping an IEMs sound and controlling it.
 Wait are you using the 3rd ANV software on the Studio 6? Or do you have a Studio 3rd and are considering trying the S6?
 Shozy Zero is very nice with the S6. Actually I haven't tried anything yet that hasn't sounded great on it :). Been mainly using the Shozy this past week vs my other IEMs. Very happy with it.
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Usually copper will give you a warmer thicker sound.Silver tends to give you a brighter sound. Tighter bass.But note in the instance with the gold/silver cable from Tralucent I noticed the bass was even more controlled. Sound staging bigger yet had more body to the sound. Made the silver cable bass sound a little bloated and sloppy in comparison. This was compared on the 1Plus2.
I asked him that earlier . He uses the stock ones that come with them. I'm using them with the large jvc spiral dot tips with excellent results. Best $60 IEMs Ive heard .
lol about the ubber comment. Lost in the mail? ;)
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