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 Shozy Zero is very nice with the S6. Actually I haven't tried anything yet that hasn't sounded great on it :). Been mainly using the Shozy this past week vs my other IEMs. Very happy with it.
How about Moldy-May :P
Or maybe-may
Usually copper will give you a warmer thicker sound.Silver tends to give you a brighter sound. Tighter bass.But note in the instance with the gold/silver cable from Tralucent I noticed the bass was even more controlled. Sound staging bigger yet had more body to the sound. Made the silver cable bass sound a little bloated and sloppy in comparison. This was compared on the 1Plus2.
I asked him that earlier . He uses the stock ones that come with them. I'm using them with the large jvc spiral dot tips with excellent results. Best $60 IEMs Ive heard .
lol about the ubber comment. Lost in the mail? ;)
How about monopoly-may ;)
What about Malpractice-May.
 How about Mahalo-May? ;)
 lol you'll then need to take your IEMs to the poison control center to get rid of the toxicity ;)....
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