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It's still quite expensive though. Considering it will be about $18.00 for 1 box and then you have to pay shipping from tenso.... Hopefully they will become available on
Wait a minute.... H20 and I were just the men of honor @ soundbears wedding. :P. No need to be ashamed Sounbear. The truth shall set you free.    
 Mark, I think you should look into the real JVC tips. By far the best tips I've ever heard. I want to grab some from Japan but the shipping if a bit steep.... Never heard the 1Plus2 sound better. As for the FX850s :). Not to mention the best...
I think a big part if it is how revealing your gear is. I very much notice the difference from plugging in my silver cable to my AK120-S mod vs a standard  copper wire. The differences are rather apparent to my ears and not what I'd call very minor. It can be enough where I will not like the sound even...
Those tips make the 1Plus2 sound amazing. They are indeed the best tips I've used by far. Gonna have to order some from Amazon @ some point.
When I had 1.00 firmware I don't recall that happening though....
Thanks ClieOS. I'll give it a try and decide if I like it better or not. Kinda wished to try the 1.00 firmware though :(.
link to the tips?   Also I don't think it is a good idea to remove the filters. Some turd who sold me a pair of FX700s didn't disclose that the filters were removed (supposedly he didn't know). Anyways that caused them to fail due to moisture build up. Definitely sounded more airy and open but at a cost..
Is there a link to it? I'd like to try test it out and see if I prefer it or not.
Does anyone know which was the original firmware that shipped with the demo units? I want to try revert to that firmware. I don't like when adjusting the volume it skips to a new track. Also curious if the signature of the original firmware was more to my liking or not.   Lol my unit smells toxic. Smells of melted plastic :P.
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