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 Sorry I also will be working on my review in the next coming weeks (hopefully in two weeks). I don't want to rush the review at all. It deserves a good review. There are also flaws which will turn others off I'm sure. Not sure if they will get DSD working properly or not. Hope they don't shoot themselves in the foot with that one. As audionewbi mentioned this sort of player is for people who care purely about sound quality, portability, great build quality, and battery...
The trip alone would be costlier than buying them all lol . But would be awesome. ­čö«
lol then maybe Ref 1 too is what I need after all ;).
 So the bass is basically tighter but in the same quantity. Hmm.... Wonder if I'd like it or not. Depending on the track I felt the bass could be subwoofery (lol my own language). In the sense where there was just too much presence overpowering the presentation. Not sure if the bass was tighter or not if this would be resolved for me in that instance.
    Hisound Studio 6 with JVCFX850s.
 Haven't heard the 5Plus2 yet but can assure you the orginal Ref. 1 is a basshead IEM but its quality. I would presume the revised Ref. 1 has less bass than its predecessor?
lol TinQy :P.
I am so impressed with this little monster..... I have never heard the SE5s sound so damn good. Hell everything I've thrown at it I've been impressed. SE5s are my favorite IEMs now. Will have to see how 1Plus2 fairs when back from repair. Triad L3 and Studio 6 via LO on mode B is phenominal.....
Long time no see tinQy. How has life been treating you?
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