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 There is no "true line out" on a stock AK120. It is all just from the amp section. Its a useless feature in reality... You would have to have your unit modded into an S-mod (or a similar mod if one exists?). The S-mod gets a pure line out signal from the upgraded dacs. But you would require an amp due to loosing the volume control.
 Burger World ;-)....
 You're welcome. I just call it how I hear it. And I am not one to fool myself into thinking I am hearing something when I am not :).
  Nothing wrong with that at all :). At the end of the day it comes down to what suites our needs. I wonder what firmware that RWA was on at the time you auditioned it though. Upon getting my unit serviced when I got it back I was confused as it didn't sound nearly as good to me as I had recalled. It actually upset me. I mean it sounded really good still but not that lively (energetic), dynamic and realistic presentation. That is something I could never forget. I am...
I'm surprised you never got your unit moddified. They really aren't comparable at all after the mod. Not even close. I'd love to hear it through that amp lol.
Be sure to do a manual reset before giving it a listen. The DX100 was also known to keep settings/anomalies from different firmwares if you did not do a reset. I just do this to be safe.
I really don't know what their intention was but I know they did get caught red-handed before doing something similar by withholding features from the Ak100 vs the 120... Eitherway it would be sick to be able to use the upgraded wolfson chips in hardware mode to decode DSD. Wishful thinking I know what I do know is that I've never had a source at this level before. Not even the DX100 compares to this....
The quality of the bass in Dark Side song was a dead give away for me. Once I noticed that I couldn't stop thinkimg about it and it annoyed me. I pretty much try to get the most out of my gear and even if subtle it all adds up.
You're evil Warren ;-)
 Funny huh? Wouldn't think they could differ that much. You hit it on the nose about lifelike. Sounds extremely real and I found myself looking around because the voices and imaging sounded so convincing on some of my favorite tracks. Garbage a stroke of luck is one of them (her first pressing of the album so good dynamic range too :). The Suis tend to be too aggressive for rock but it works quite well on the S mod for some reason. Just did some listening through the...
New Posts  All Forums: