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My answer was in lbs for clarification :P
Here is a pics of the FX700 case. Similar to the FX850 but noticeably smaller. I found it quite cumbersome to use this case with the FX700s and ended up stop using it. I was also worried about ruining the connectors using this case long term.    
BBelieve me it is much better than the FX700 case in terms of space.
 Don't knock it 'til you hear it :P.
I think they are great all-arounders. Maybe those individuals put them on sale for the latest Tralucent product instead .
 The FX850s definitely hit above their price range IMO. So does the Flat 4 Sui. But they are no 1Plus2. Different leagues IMO. I owned both. Going from the 1Plus2 to the FX850s makes the FX850 sound muddy and congested.
Sold to Skydog71   Thanks you! :)
So not good for sensitive IEMs I take? To bad high gain can't be implemented with low noise floor. I tend to enjoy higher gain even with some IEMs just the noise it induces.
Or the queen of hearts will call "off with your head!"
Interesting =)
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