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 I don't use the 850s with the X5 as they don't pair well together to my ears. The AK120 S-mod brings me what you mention of distinction of each note, with powerful dynamics and spaciousness. But depending on if I want to take that to the extreme I'd then use the 1Plus2 or SE5 :). The 850s for me are more so for enjoyment and not focusing too much on the details. Not that they are not there though. I find the 850s to excel particularly in gaming.
 Yep that is one of the biggest issues I had/have. That is why I went back and rooted out most of the garbage music that I had from the early 90s to before then. There is good quality to be had in the originals. It is the remasters that are usually sh#t. I've only found a handful of remasters that were actually good, and had good dynamic range. That's a rarity to find today. But most of the music mastered in the late 90s til now, fat chance. You get what you get. Garbage...
Hmm that's interesting. Well we all do hear things differently :P. I tend to be sensitive to the upper mid and lower treble region. My pair of 850s haven't been an issue there. It actually fixed what I didn't like on the FX700s. There was too much recession in that area before and the treble was a bit hot and less refined. So you don't find the X5 to add emphasis in the upper mids with the amp or without? This is one of the very reasons why I find the Flat 4 Suis to pair...
 It can be a fun an rewarding experience though. Definitely opened my eyes some time ago.
 The X5 does have a slight warmth to it and not sure if that is the best pairing for them honestly. I use the S-mod with silver cable LOD which leans out the bass more and adds more treble extension. Still bassy but good quality. The mids also are taken back just slightly. I don't find them honky at all though...
I heard it is rather mechanical sounding... So it is dark?
不领情西部蛀虫!! lol naughty naughty :P.
 There is a setting in mp3 tag that can number them for you automatically. But the tracks have to be in order otherwise it will rename your track numbers. The setting can be set to name them 01, 02, 03, etc. I also explained in the guide how you can combine the track name and file # to create the file name itself, or the other way around.
 Yep. I kept them and sold off the Kaede. Actually sold of the Kaede and the 8As and used that money to fund the SE5s.
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