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What about Malpractice-May.
 How about Mahalo-May? ;)
 lol you'll then need to take your IEMs to the poison control center to get rid of the toxicity ;)....
I know exactly what you mean. Though I've never heard the 1Plus2 sound better than the S-mod stack. Then I upgraded to ref 1 and lost that synergy. Later came back to 1Plus2.
Or Mayonnaise-may :D
Sorry to hear that avitron... :(
 lol more like .05% of a song ;). I still suggest looking into a used AK120 and modding it to the S-mod. Much better value for money.
H20 hurting my pocket more...
 lol as we speak I am working on the review. Just not gonna rush to put it out :). That looks like a nice player. If you don't mind send me a PM of your thoughts on that player. Maybe I can give you some of my thoughts in PM in return of the S6.
 The sound focuses on all aspects pinoyman. Treble, bass and mids. In high detail all three. It allows you to completely analyze and engulf yourself in the presentation. So detailed, layered and clear. Sound stage isn't huge by any means. Nor is it small.
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