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Spiral dots were still my go to on the Ref 1 although I thought it made them too bass heavy personally. On 1Plus2 the spirals are perfect.
 If you liked the 8 A you'd drool over the SE5 ;).
Spiral Ear SE5 and Hisound Studio 6  
I was wondering the same. This player deserves a nice leather case. I am always worried about dinging this beauty...
 Have to agree. The UI still does need some work. Overall though it's an improvement from their previous models. Love the sound ;)
 Another thing to note. LCD 2 does not have a huge sound staging for an open back headphone. Not to the standards of say HD800. Very much different approaches on sound. The SE5s focus is on depth of the music. It is very unique. Separation is extremely good yet the presentation is solid (dense). Really hard to explain that concept. Add in the thicker note weight of the treble and the lush mids. Very resolving IEM. To make it even more confusing this IEM can sound bass...
 No worries. I just will not mention his name in respect to him. But I very much trust his opinion on the subject matter. To my knowledge he compared it to the first revision of LCD 2.
   Awesome. Thank you for that explanation :). Not sure if you thought I was referring to a comment from averagejoes? If so it wasn't. Though he definitely got me interested in the SE5 itself.
 Curious. What hi end IEMs have you tried out? How long were you able to use them to come to a conclusion? Where you in a noisy environment with distractions? Just looked up the XTZ. Looks pretty interesting. DSP to improve sound quality. Interestingly enough a fellow headfier (someone who I definitely have confidence in) compared the SE5 to an open back LCD2. He mentioned the SE5 beats it by a nice margin in sound staging & treble quality.
You hit it on the nose. Driving power and pure sound quality. Sound quality also includes headphones and IEMs that are non bluetooth. Sorry not gonna believe the technology is that advanced to surpass both wired headphones and IEMs. Talking high end at least. Otherwise an investment in a DAP like this would be overkill...
New Posts  All Forums: