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 Hmm gonna have to test this out on my S mod ;). Strange I thought you didn't like 1.32 vs the newer version? I really liked 1.32 but after sending the S-mod in for repair the sound also changed :(. Ended up preferring 1.37 in the end. Funny how the sound had changed when changing out the chip/chips.
 Don't you consider the SE5 to be a bit bass heavy? I find them to be just a bit bass heavy but not in a bad way. They still don't do it for me over my dynamic IEMs in that area though. Don't get me wrong though. I've fallen asleep with the 8A and the SE5 in before. But I could/can never really forget they are in and after a while of wearing them there is some discomfort. Seems the seal gets tighter the longer I would wear them... Upon first inserting them and listening...
 I still do find universal IEMs to be superior to CIEMs in terms of comfort. Fit is another thing when it comes to keeping a seal in extreme cases. Then gain for the most part I don't have such issues on the Sui or FX850s.
The FX850s sound amazing on the Rocoo BA. Best pairing on a DAP I've heard by far.
Well it  could depend on how the silver-gold cable is manufactured as well. I am using Tralucent older gold cable which sounds quite different than the new version. I like how it sounds on the SE5. It pretty much takes the SE5s approach on music and makes it more natural, with more depth to the sound staging. Lusher mid range, with more textured bass. Treble is smoother.
 I think it really depends on your ear shape. I could sit down or stand with roughly the same seal. Granted it is slightly looser lying down but I don't loose the seal at all.
Thanks. Placed an order for 4 of them :P.
Do they or is it your ears that smell nasty
 My point is I don't totally buy into that. In general yes humans can't hear outside of a certain threshold but that doesn't mean that applies to everyone. Just as some are more intelligent, have better vision, etc the same applies to hearing.
 That's an interesting answer because technically that is how we hear in general. The vibrations on the hair cells in the cochlea's Organ. Which in turn is relayed to the brain. It is all perception.
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