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 You live and you learn :P.
 Sound Eq you should hear the SE5 with rock. It's to die for...
 Nah, just trust your senses. Though I'm the type who always questions and go back and forward. Generally always come back to the same conclusion lol :P. I'm jealous want to give these a try...
 Someone posted the bass is more controlled on the Ref 1. too.
Actually RedJohn different IEMs might also exhibit different characteristics when burning in. For example I can see it very possible for an IEM to become more bassy with burn in or an IEM where the bass may become more controlled with usage. It depends on the IEM, how it was designed etc. In the instance with the Shozy I have been quite happy with it from day 1. Maybe the signature might have smoothed out a bit, mids would be more apparent on this (lush). Ultimately for me...
 May also has somewhat to do with the sources being used to drive the IEM. Really have no qualms with this IEM. If it improves more or not I am a happy camper with its sound vs what I paid. 
 I'm honestly not concerned with that. They sound so good as is ;)
Or maybe Misanthrope-May :P
Yes the large ones.
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