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I think he means it has one of the widest soundstages but the 1Plus2 still bests it in that area. The 1Plus2 most definitly wins out still in clarity. The 850s mids are a bit more forward with the 1Plus2 having a cleaner sound across the entire spectrum.
What is the impedance on that amp? Heard quite a lot of good things about that amp.
Personally I felt they sounded a tad hollow out of the box. Still impressive no less. They have improved a bit with usage. Not sure if I put 200 hours on them yet though.
 You gotta love bass though with the 8A ;)... Same with the FX850 but I find the bass to be much more controlled and less intrusive than the FX850s than my former 8A... The 8A made the FX850s sound bass light in comparison lmao...
 Everything you are asking is subjective to some extent. They are comfortable for me and I normally don't like wearing IEMs down. I don't have such issues with the FX850s. I don't have the Dunu so not sure. They really don't compare to the 1Plus2. They are in different leagues which it really isn't a fair comparison. But for the money the FX850s do hit pretty high IMO. The 850s are pretty good all-arounders. They aren't slow by any means. I think they do pretty good with...
My answer was in lbs for clarification :P
Here is a pics of the FX700 case. Similar to the FX850 but noticeably smaller. I found it quite cumbersome to use this case with the FX700s and ended up stop using it. I was also worried about ruining the connectors using this case long term.    
BBelieve me it is much better than the FX700 case in terms of space.
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