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 lol can't fault it until you try it though. Grezegors does indeed have a superb product IMO.
 I bought two of the 128 ones. The 200 GB one is still quite expensive when compared to that deal. Edit: I opted to try the Samsung EVO 128 GB cards. Ordered two of them. Hoping I don't notice any anomalies with the sound like I have with previous "high capacity cards...."
I wonder if its even worth buying used based on that? Will Grzegors give you a basic year warranty on these with both fees applied? Otherwise I'd say hell no that's a rip off.
 I'm in the same boat as you. I sent an email to the US rep and never got a response. Not real professional if you ask me and for the pricing they are charging for such products.....
I'm in the same boat with you. can iRiver chime in on this? I would think they should be able to point us to the replacement batteries.....
 That is true. Of course I do focus on these things as its a part of the whole experience. Otherwise I would not have spent all this money on it :). I aim to maximize performance and doing something as simple as drying the SE5s weekly (sometimes less than that lol) will help to ensure their optimal operation and prevent issues due to humidity or sweat build up in the tubes. These units do not have the filters like most other CIEMs.
  Um I don't entirely agree with this. In Hawaii we also have some high humidity and it does impact my SE5s sound signature with prolonged usage without putting it the hearing aid dryer. I notice the sound starts to smooth out. Detail starts to get lost.
My canal shape is also a bit strange. Got interesting comments from both Gregorz and Dr. Moulton :P.    
 My only issue with custom's is it is not as comfortable to wear for long periods of time generally next to a universal fit. I can't honestly say I've ever forgotten I was wearing my CIEMs (well if you count falling asleep then possibly lol). I have forgotten having universal in before (such as the suis). But yeah when it comes to getting a seal a CIEM is generally superior.
 I found the Ref1 to give a vaccum seal which is uncomfortable and also messes up its sound. While on the 1Plus2 I get a perfect seal without such issue. The better the fit with the 1Plus2 the better its overall sound, especially its bass. With the Ref 1 too much of a seal and the bass appears to be a bit boomy depending on the tracks. Still too much bass for my tastes overall.
New Posts  All Forums: