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  You'd be surprised how often people listen to their gear at too loud of volume and not even realize it.... Hearing damage and noise pollution is a much bigger issues than it is made out to be. For example I can confidently say 90% of the individuals who used my gear cranked that volume up way way too high.... That though is very much comfortable volume listening for these individuals. 
Jesus-June :P
 lol in those instances its the mastering, etc that ends up making us like them more so vs the singers pure vocal skill. Not to mention the pressure of performing live :P. It's really something for a singer to sound as good live as they do on their albums.
 She sounds really good live. That proves it all.
Exactly. Fabulous singer. Horrible mastering. That album should be way better than it actually is...
how about margarita-may.
lol when you mentioned adel technology. I was hoping it didn't have anything to do with Adel's 21 album ;). Deplorable mastering.... The only reason you can listen to those tracks at a lower volume is because the volume is brick walled and sacrifices dynamic range and detail. Basically so the track sticks out at lower volumes for the general public.
Exactly which I also posted the source will play a roll in it. Thats the case on my Studio 6
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