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No SE5s for you then
 Don't compare to each other IMO. Spirals are superior in every way. Sounds really good, doesn't kill the sound staging like the hybrid tips. The ortofon also altered the signature IMO. Also very hard to get a seal with even the large tips (seem like small to a very small-medium tip at best lol).
 lol I knew you'd give in one day. I am debating on getting them again. I really miss their sound.
Mine are pretty flush. Don't stick out much at all. The shells are large for the SE5. For the new Ultimate version it seems they are able to accommodate people with slightly smaller ears. My pieces are pretty big though. The original case it came with was crushing them down so I got a bigger case to prevent damaging them.
I doubt that 2 year claim. There are members here who have had their SE5s for more than two years and I'm pretty sure they are still functioning. You just have to take care of your stuff. A dryer is very important and not a very expensive investment.
Nice :-)
Lol lovely pics
 Also what DAP are you using with them? That can help out some (synergy). Tips also very important.
 Best bet would be for him to give samples of these tracks where the anomaly is happening and see if anyone else with X5s can exhibit the same issue. If so it's pretty much an issue with the files themselves.
Sounds painful. Salad on the menu?
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