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This IEM is surely a rollercoaster lol. Not sure if its track specific or wheather it's changing and at times for the worse lol. Might be a combination of both. I have to give them more time but I'm rather impatient when it comes to burn in :P.
The original silver/gold sounds quite a bit different than the new one. The new version is more detail oriented and has more control in the bass. More extension to the treble. Overall a more analytical sound. The old gold cable has a smoother sound to it. Bass has more texture. It adds more depth to the sound staging. Mids are a bit more intimate.
 Maybe silicone is the way to go.
lol AnakChan....
 Probably about 30 hours on them so far. They've improved more than I expected just within that amount of time... The Triad does push some juice into them, might be helping  things along ;).
Will do. Strange they seem to continue to improve burning them in. Using Sorens burnin file.
 Haven't had too much time to listen to them at all today. I did have a listen on the X5 and it sound quite good out of that player :).
Try the clear nail polish. Might be a little cleaner :P. Just don't get it into socket. Light coats on the side walls of the inner housing. Or better yet cut out small pieces of scotch tape and angle it inside. The Ref 1's I have seem to be rather tight fitting so no need to do it yet. I won't be changing out cables really so I don't think it will be an issue for me.
I haven't heard them. They do sound intriguing from what I'm reading. The Ref 1 is a bass heavy IEM and hits the deepest I've heard any IEM before. It has a ton of authority to it. If you are looking for more neutral bass the 1Plus2 would be more along those lines (I still consider it to be the best in terms of quality/control). I think the 1Plus2 portrays an accurate out of head sound staging with great clarity and imaging (there really aren't many IEMs that do that at...
lol sorry just being realistic. Although there is a chance someone will give him a demo. Not a very big one though... I'd wager the Ref. 1 would be a pretty substantial upgrade from the IEMs I see in his profile ;)...
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