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How about monopoly-may ;)
What about Malpractice-May.
 How about Mahalo-May? ;)
 lol you'll then need to take your IEMs to the poison control center to get rid of the toxicity ;)....
I know exactly what you mean. Though I've never heard the 1Plus2 sound better than the S-mod stack. Then I upgraded to ref 1 and lost that synergy. Later came back to 1Plus2.
Or Mayonnaise-may :D
Sorry to hear that avitron... :(
 lol more like .05% of a song ;). I still suggest looking into a used AK120 and modding it to the S-mod. Much better value for money.
H20 hurting my pocket more...
 lol as we speak I am working on the review. Just not gonna rush to put it out :). That looks like a nice player. If you don't mind send me a PM of your thoughts on that player. Maybe I can give you some of my thoughts in PM in return of the S6.
New Posts  All Forums: