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 The sound focuses on all aspects pinoyman. Treble, bass and mids. In high detail all three. It allows you to completely analyze and engulf yourself in the presentation. So detailed, layered and clear. Sound stage isn't huge by any means. Nor is it small.
 He may have destroyed the board while soldering the chips. Still soldering nonetheless lol :P. There are pics I think posted earlier on of the board? I'll try look and see if I can find a pic. (edit) I think there are pics on the right of the screen H20 of the board. There is a casing on part of it though as it was on mine if I recall correctly. Had no intention on opening that up lol. Reminds me of ripping out the dashboard of a 2010 dodge ram.... Even the steering...
 I'm gonna do my best to dedicated time tomorrow to get working on the review. Have my laptop at home now so can work away from the desk :P.
 They use a special pin that is attached to the board itself. You will break that pin trying to remove it. Then you will have to manually solder it to the board. It's not quite as simple on the AK unit. Plus I'd be worried about damaging the board while soldering. I was not able to find a battery small enough to fit inside the AK120s case and properly close. I got close but no cigar. Vinnie sold me an extra battery he had lying around from an AK120 unit he destroyed while...
 Yeah you could. You'd just break it in the process ;). Better yet use the Studio 6 for self defense. Won't leave a mark on the unit ;).
Or manic-may :P
 Technically they expect you to consider that the life of the unit. And AK did no such thing to help in this regards. Very poor customer service. Something at this price should most definitely have a replaceable battery. Even the Dx100 has such a basic function. You gotta open her up. But you won't ruin it by attempting to remove the battery from the board. These suckers have it soldered directly onto the board. Only way around that is to snip the original wire and splice...
 Curious what happened? Was the music duller sounding. Lifeless. Bloated bass? Lacking control over the sound?
 Sorry I also will be working on my review in the next coming weeks (hopefully in two weeks). I don't want to rush the review at all. It deserves a good review. There are also flaws which will turn others off I'm sure. Not sure if they will get DSD working properly or not. Hope they don't shoot themselves in the foot with that one. As audionewbi mentioned this sort of player is for people who care purely about sound quality, portability, great build quality, and battery...
The trip alone would be costlier than buying them all lol . But would be awesome. 🔮
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