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 The FX750s are so last year... (just kidding).
 Battery life drops down to about 5 hours. But the return on sound quality was well worth the mod IMO.
 Perse, no. But I never found maxing the volume on the AK120 to bring any benefit. If you truly want a LO signal get your unit modded into the S-mod. That way it will take it to a completely different level of audio quality.
It can go both ways though. With the more revealing phone things can turn into an utter mess and sibilance.
The TF10s really don't compare to be honest.... The mid-range on the TF10 is quite recessed, treble is brittle (sound hollow or empty), and bass wasn't very well controlled. But it was acceptable for me in universal form due to loosing partial seal. In custom form it was too much bass.   I'd say if you were going more for the TF10s approach on sound but in an IEM better in every way go for the Flat 4 Sui.
They also have a very reasonable fee and ems shipping wasn't too much either.
Ah ok. That is fair then. I remembered people complaining about them shipping out of order.
 22nd of this month or last month? I ordered on the 16th and got no such notification....
 When I sell gear it tends to be for quite a bit more than a $20 loss. Probably $50+ usually and that also includes shipping costs to the buyer. It also depends on what gear you are selling. Gear that is cheaper you tend to take a lesser hit on it. Gear that is more expensive well...
 You should hear how the Flat 4 Suis sound on the X5. Sublime...
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